Friday, March 30, 2007

A world of beauty and wondrous gentility!!!

I found all of these absolutely breathtaking photographs on this blog at:
There are so many incredible, wondrous photographs on that blog, it's just amazing. I felt like I was in a dreamworld looking throught all the beautiful pictures. These photographers inspire me so much. I am always dreaming of living in a beautiful, soft and gentle world. These pictures truely take me to another place, wonderful and sweet. Thank you for your talents and sensitivity!!! I hope all of you will visit this wonderful blog. I found it on Ullabenulla. Thank you Ulla!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fairies in the Garden........

Pretty little fairy's furniture nestled in the trees and plants of the garden. Waiting to be discovered, these little dreams are beautiful and filled with magic and surprise!!
Write to me if you'd like me to create some special pieces for you!!

Our beautiful Fairy Castle!!! (new pictures)

Here are some new photographs taken with our new camera. It's such a great camera......really
does some good close up shots.
Would love to hear from any of you about our Fairy Castle.
Take care,

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pictures from our new camera!!!!!

I am so excited!!!! We just bought a new HD camera that does movies and still pictures. It's so wonderful. I love the pictures that it takes and the movies are so great, too. We just have to figure out how to get the films onto my blog.

more little fairy furniture

Incredible creativity.......these artists are so amazing, aren't they?

I found these wonderful pictures on Crust ! What a great site!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beauty, refinement and elegance

isn't this purely beautiful?
i wish i could dress like this.
so incredible.......

Friday, March 23, 2007

Question about using Blogger!!!

I was wondering if anyone (who is interested in helping me) could tell me if there is a way to keep track of how many people visit your blog (on blogger)?? I know how to see how many people look at my profile, but is there a way to see how many total visitors there are on your blog (from the time you first posted something til the present time)? Would so appreciate your help, thanks so much! Debbie

Still children at heart.......

These artists are truely still children at heart. The first picture is of an artist whose amazing works are totally made from cardboard and paper. The next three pictures are of one man's wonderful creativity. Then, little cat, happily stretching in the sun, a wonderful doll exhibit, and lastly, Ann Wood's wonderful talent in miniature.
I'm sorry I don't have all the artist's names. Will try to add that soon. If you are interested in where I found these artists, please let me know.
I am so inspired by these wonderful people!!!

Pretty things........

Want to share these pretty pictures with you.
The first three pictures are copies from different books I love. The first picture is of a painting. Not sure who the artist was. The woman in this picture looks so melancholy, but beautiful. I love that time period so much. Women could look so feminine then. I love the next picture. Such an abandoned looking place, filled with memories and feelings. The next picture......the lilly pads are so delicate and pretty. When I was a little girl, we lived in Garden Grove, California. We had the most wonderful home and gardens there. There was a beautiful fish pond with lilly pads and flowers. I remember standing there as just a little girl, watching the orange fish dart about in their little space. I always thought that fish pond was so beautiful and mysterious.
The next picture is of one of my newer collages. Lots of things going on in this picture!!
The last picture is so pretty, a little bed in the flowers. The sunlight was so pretty then.
Hope you are having a really beautiful day and are happy!!!