Wednesday, November 18, 2009

winged beauty

i am very busy right now with christmas shows and gallery walk coming up but i'll try to post at least one picture a day for now. isn't this beautiful? it is by nicole dextras. such elegance and extreme fantasy!!
have a beautiful day and try to help someone who is sad feel wanted today.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I wish it were summer, but I can remember the sunshine!!

I miss summer because now it is winter and starting to get so cold and miserable, but I am trying to get through it and remembering the beautiful summer sun and all the flowers and birds helps me think happier thoughts!! I think you really have to have a "happy thought" each day to get through life in a happy way. So, hope you can find a "happy thought" for you day!! Would love to hear from you!! Debbie

Monday, November 09, 2009


Hi everyone.....
We just wanted to let you know that we are still giving our wonderful art classes all during the week and also now Saturdays as well, now that the Market is over. We would love to have you come to our classes......they are so much fun!!
These are the classes we are offering.....
Creating Fairy Furniture from nature and found objects Painting with acrylic, water color and other unusual materials Sculpting in clay, paper mache', cardboard and found objects Collage using beautiful papers, photos, fabrics and beads, poetry, drawings, etc. Poetry and Story Writing Card and Book making Puppet and Costume making Fantasy Hat, Purse and Shoe making Filmmaking and many other classes.......
Our classes are weekdays and Saturdays from 10 to 12, 1 to 3 and 3:30 to 5:30 at our gallery/studio at 351 West Pierpont Ave. in Salt Lake City. We also offer evening classes as well from 7 to 9. We are available to work with people individually or in classes of 2 to 10 people. We also can give classes for birthday parties, but are only able to have the students in the class attend with a few parents, as our studio space is not large enough for an entire birthday party with refreshments and gifts.
Our classes are 2 hours long; the cost is $30 per person. Cost for birthday parties can be determined with the parents; we give a discounted rate if the parents are paying for the entire amount of the class. Some of our more elaborate, longer classes will have a little bit higher cost; please ask us for this information. We also can give our classes at schools or other locations or events. We provide all the necessary materials and tools. If additional materials are needed, we will give you that information upon request.
Our classes are really wonderful and fun and we enjoy teaching people. We hope you will contact us soon to set up a time that would work well for you. Just give us a call of email us if you're interested.
We also are excited to tell you that our children's movie "The Enchanted Treehouse" is going to be in the Salt Lake Public Library, the main downtown branch!!! We are so thrilled! They should have it available to check out very soon; in fact it may even be available now, so check in the children's department downstairs or online. We are very happy to have our wonderful movie in their library. If enough people check out and view our film, the library will purchase other copies for all the Salt Lake branches, so if you're interested, please take this great opportunity to see our magical, unusual film (for all ages, really!)
Also, we have a wonderful artist sharing our gallery/studio space now! Her name is Christine Fedor and she makes incredible jewelry; it's called Punkenstein Jewelry. She also does very unusual photography!! (You can see her work online; just go to Punkenstein Jewelry). We also are having a really special night on Gallery Stroll November 20th, Friday, from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Christine's husband Ryan is a musician and he will be playing his music at our gallery for Gallery Stroll night. So, it will be a really fun and exciting night; hope you'll stop by and enjoy the great energy and creativity!! Our gallery is totally changed and rearranged, so we hope you will visit and see what great new things are happening at "Marcel and Florette's Curious Menagerie" at 351 West Pierpont Ave., near the Gateway Mall. Call us if you have any questions.......801-864-4718.
We also will be selling our art work at the upcoming Christmas show at the Gateway Mall (in the Grand Hall by Barnes and Noble). It is an "Olde World Christmas Show" put on by the Downtown Alliance. It will go from November 21st until the 29th. The hours are Monday through Saturday 10 to 9, Sundays 12 to 6. It's a 9 day show, so it should be really fun and very festive!! Lots of other great artists will be there, too. Hope you can visit us and see some great new things we're doing!!
Also, we are still looking for one or two other artists to share our gallery/studio with so if you need some work space for your art or crafts or know someone who does, please let us know. It would be fun to have a few more artists in our wonderful space!! Can give you more details if you contact me.
Thanks so much! Hope to see all of you! Debbie and Mike Schramer