Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nature and art make life beautiful......

such beautiful photos. I spend so much time (at least an hour every day) searching on the internet for beautiful, inspiring photos. I love beauty and gentleness, sweetness and everything filled with life and energy. these photos truly emanate loveliness and tenderness.
I found them at these sites:
alongtimealone on tumblr
bohemian wornest on tumblr
treebystream on tumblr
mountainhouse studios on tumblr
cruststation on tumblr
clicpashasard on tumblr
theworldaccordingtoisa on tumblr
backdropvintage on tumblr
neest on tumblr

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

spring makes me want to sleep outside in a field of flowers......

as much as I love things that are beautiful, gentle and lovely and those things in life that are sweet and reveal feelings that are tender and loving, there are things in life that I abhor and find so degrading and negative, that I find myself drawn to work to make these awful things disappear from the beauty that life should be. I believe that we are all divine, gentle, beautiful beings.....spiritual and loving and filled with infinite kindness. certain experiences, teachings and influences sadly bring our spirits and hearts into a realm of things that takes away that softness that we have inherently. children are filled with such glorious, beautiful and amazing energy and love of life. we are all this way in our wonderful, earlier lives. I love being with children, watching their funny personalities, their smiles, their humor and fascination with literally everything. children hold the key to beauty, to life and perfect happiness. I love being around children. their spirits make me so happy and grateful to be alive. I am so touched by everything about children. they are our role models. they should be our examples of what life should be like.
those things that sadden me and make me feel so hurt and unhappy are things that are totally opposite beauty and goodness and kindness......
cruelty to animals
cruelty of any kind to anyone
not taking time to really know someone but judging them immediately
the destruction of nature
disrespect for different cultures
making fun of someone
there are others, but already, I feel too burdened by even the thought of these negative things that I would rather think about those things in life that bring me happiness and joy. I hope my blog inspires you and gives you happiness as well and lifts your hearts to a better place. I am grateful for everyone who visits my blog and hope you love visiting. would always love to hear from you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

soft hues to bold and vivid......

a quiet voice that soon becomes louder, bolder, stronger and more amazing. starting out delicate and tender.....art becomes it's bold and beautiful self. I love all of these kinds of art.....they each have a voice that touches your heart and tells you something so important.