Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Would love treasures like these for our new shop!!

we've opened a beautiful new shop by the ocean in Washington state! we're very excited although we're so far away from our sons and their families.....we really miss them!! i wish everyone just lived in the same town!
here are some of the beautiful and unique treasures we'd love to have in our shop! of course, we probably cannot have these exact things but we definitely love this kind of stuff!!

this glass top table is incredible!

love any kind of old bottles like these

adorable old wind up toys

incredible handmade wooden children's car

love old stuffed animals like this one

especially love old tattered books, even when they're falling apart!

love old clocks! this would be an awesome place to rummage through!

old crowns are some of my favorite things. these are so beautiful!

what a great idea. the clasps from antique purses attached to old photos.

i absolutely love old ballet costumes! 

always looking for any kind of nice glass domes like these

antique drums are wonderful! would so love to have one like this!

this glass lamp and carved table would be incredible to have in our shop!!

i think this is called goofus class. love this!

love old hats like this! isn't it amazing?!

love cute little chairs like this

another amazing ballet costume

antique boudoir dolls.....these are especially beautiful

this is such an adorable old toys like these

an incredible old tattered chair

antique millinery supplies are some of my favorite things, too

interesting sculptural hands.....very unique

love this old rusted phone....couldn't be any cuter!

this is such an amazing clock, never seen anything like this

love this unique bird cage, very different

my favorite and blue, these are great

amazing old dollhouse, bird this

adorable little guy.....wish he were in my home. he's so cute

can't wait til we can get some cupolas.....this one is incredible

love these old wire chairs.....wonderful!!

this is very unique....very hard to find but definitely sought after!!! we have one in our shop and it is a favorite of everyone who sees it.

love anything with drawers

this is beautiful.....very old looking

so cute. love puppets, marionettes.....

this has got to be one of my most favorite things.....very sculptural and just makes such a statement!

i love so many different kinds of things.....these are such some of the antiques and vintage treasures i love. i'm always looking for something i've never seen before. so much fun!!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

bracken filled and flights of wings.....

the poem of a lovely room

somewhere, hidden in a bower, bracken filled and flights of wings,
living there, beyond the eye's dreams.....a little person, slight of, weightier than a butterfly
yet silken and fond of sunshine, 
a little person, a friend of gentle folk and foxes of the forest.

moss laden footpaths, winterey and sleeping quietly as the forest speaks.
quiet sounds, far past any memories of solitude, wait for the woodsman, 
watch for the peasant milk maid 
for their lives are old and yet filled with stories

stories of old wooden doors, rooms of thick, heavy books and keys
whose owners know not where they arrive from.

stories of roads of brown, soft soil where wooden carts have fastened long trails
of familiar afternoons. i remember that such places find their way.
ready for the old trees lovely limbs and leaves to feather and dance lightly into the sky.
night falls, dusk and bending light and clouds, softer, more gray than that of fading coal

the foot steps out the unknown door, unknown only to the reader inside
this room filled with handwritten letters for stories yet to tell.

i wrote this poem in 2012 but had forgotten about it. i was going through some of my older blog posts and rediscovered it. i was surprised when reading it; it is quite beautiful. i am very touched by it. sometimes, we do not realize the talent we are given until we look back at what we have done.

light in dark of winter