Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Beautiful interior decorating books!!

I love interior design!
These books look so amazing, I hope I can get copies of all of these some day! I have tons of interior decorating books but just love them, so maybe I can get a few of these here and there. These books look so inspiring! Let me know what you think of these and what interior design books you like!


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Beautiful Fairy Chairs made from Antique Fabrics

I love using beautiful antique fabrics in my fairy furniture because they are so delicate and unusual. These chairs were magical for me to create. I am hoping to teach a class soon on how to make these lovely pieces!


Our exciting new online art class website!

This is a (shortened version) of a video about our new art website Fairy Art School! We have a longer four minute introductory video on our website that shows a lot more about our art, about us and our school! 

We are now offering wonderful, fun online video courses on how to make beautiful fairy furniture, fairy houses and little woodland characters from natural materials and found objects. We're so excited to have an online art school now and are working on adding more and more courses soon! We hope you will visit Fairy Art School to see the amazing classes we're offering and sign up to participate in these fun experiences. You can also see more about our nature art and our online school at our other websites:


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

It's been two years since my last post!! I can't believe so much time has gone by. With this year so absorbed with Covid and so many other struggles around the world, it's been a difficult year, I'm sure for everyone. But, despite all of the sad things that have happened, there is still such hope in this world and in life. I see how people are doing wonderfully kind and selfless things for others and how our good and best selves are shining through. For those who are unfortunately still filled with hatred and anger, the very saddest things of all, we should just pray for these dear souls that they, too, will find the healing of hope!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I usually am not very good about holidays. It seems like the older I am, I find myself wishing we could all celebrate holidays differently, that we could think more creatively and come up with a new way of honoring these times. Christmas and Valentine's Day and other holidays have become so predictable. Perhaps, we can stop and think of something brand new.

But, aside from all of these thoughts, I am most excited about a new adventure that my husband Mike and I are on right now and hopefully will be for a long time! We have started an online art school! You can visit right now at!! We will be teaching how to make our beautiful little fairy furniture using pretty flowers, leaves, twigs, moss, pods and other lovely treasures from nature! You can see more of our nature fairy art here on my blog.

Here is a pretty little fairy chair that I made for a class that is actually available for FREE! you can go to our Facebook page at Fairy Art School and see the ad there with the information about it. 

You can also find us on Instagram at Fairy Art School and Fairy House Book, we're also on Youtube at natureartists and my Etsy shop at sunflowerhouse. Mike also has an Etsy shop at mycyclesart. Hope you can visit sometime soon!

So happy to be posting on my blog again!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Finally a new post!! Antiques and vintage pieces from our shop!!

It's been so long since I've posted anything on my blog!! I can't believe it's been since last January. I've been spending a lot more time on Instagram, so hope you'll visit me there, too. My Instagram name is fairyhousebook.

We have a beautiful, unique shop now in Provo, Utah called Fairy House Vintage Antiques and Art. It is at 36 East 400 North, just off of University Avenue and one block from the Provo Library. We're open Tuesdays through Saturdays 11 to 6. Hope you'll visit some time!! 

Here are some wonderful antiques and vintage pieces that my husband and I have available at our shop: We also have lots of beautiful Victorian antiques and other lovely vintage items as well as amazing art in our shop. If you're interested in any of these wonderful items, you can send us a message on our Instagram page (fairyhousebook) or our Facebook page: fairyhousethebook.

                                           Metal Wall Hanging $10

   Wooden Box $15
 Wooden plate $12
 Four flower Drying Hooks $14
 Soldier $35
 Antique baby shoes: (on left) $22, (three individual shoes $7 ea.)
 Re-purposed Baby Buggy $65
 Brass Coat Hook $16
 Antique tin type photo with lock of hair and two letters: $145
 Letters, one from 1866, one from 1867
 Antique clock $55

 Wooden carved wall shelf: $24
 Rare antique Art Nouveau Majolica Vase: $200
 Vintage decoupaged trunk: (top) $42, Antique handmade trunk (below): $32
 Antique 1800's wooden trunk from England: $125
 Vintage drum: $42
 Vintage re-purposed sculpture: $40
 Antique decoupaged trunk: $50
 Antique wooden frame from dresser mirror: $34
 Sculptural head of a man: $34
 Re-purposed vintage mannequin: $55

 Vintage tweed and leather suitcase: $34
 Antique Chinese suitcase: $44

 White Greek sculpture: $14
Antique re-purposed copper lamp: $35 
 Antique print of soldiers: $25
 Selection of antique books: $8 to $24
 Antique bottles: $3 to $8
 Old vintage green bottle: $10
 Antique German steins: $5 and $12
 Old book: $8
 Two decorative metal pieces: $12 each
 Antique metal black doctor's box: $16
 Inside of box
 Antique books: $8 to $14
 Unusual vintage Italian leather and porcelain pen holder/vase: $10

 Vintage crystal and silver plated bottle: $16
 Vintage letters: $4 each
 Old metal wheel: $12
 Antique leather camera case: $10
 Old rusted metal pieces: $4 to $10
 Vintage world globe (half): $10
 Vintage silver plated tray with center bowl: $12
 Vintage silver plated tray $12
 Carved wooden sphere: $16
 Antique fur muff and collar: $30
Antique silver plated sugar bowl: $12
 Antique boy doll in striped outfit: $35
 Antique jointed doll: $26
 Antique viewfinder: $18
 Two antique 1904 leaded glass windows: $150 and $250 (will consider offers)
 Antique black beaded collar: $28
 Two antique doll heads: $14 each, sculptures, small one: $12, boy: $14 
 Vintage glass ink bottles: $3 each, two antique green ink bottles: $12 and $10
 Antique wooden box with sliding lid: $8
 Antique brown celluloid hand mirror: $12
 Antique family photo album with leather cover: $40

 Vintage sculpture of Wagner: $20 (nose needs fixing on other side)

Antique baby buggy: $45

 Antique brass 1920's fireplace screen, Asian motif, folds out: $50
 Antique leather and riveted trunk with fabric lining, from England: $85
 Antique tin ceiling pieces: $15 each for small pieces, $30 each for larger pieces
 Two vintage carved wooden columns/pillars: $75 
 Antique handmade red and brown coat: $22
 Antique re-purposed chair, from England: $80
 Matted vintage/antique print of doctor and family: $18
 Antique black and white photograph of boy: $22
 Antique floral celluloid drawer with picture holder: $15
 Two antique wooden wine cask spouts: $12
 Antique re-purposed, distressed Duncan and Fife folding table: $145

 Re-purposed antique English chair with moss: $60
 Re-purposed vintage room divider/room screen with art prints and old advertisements: $125
 Antique wooden table with side compartments and lower shelf: $44

 (Inside of leather trunk with rivets, shown previously)
 Antique Craftsman side table with drawer and lower shelf: $45

 Vintage distressed green drop leaf table: $65
 Handmade vintage Shakespearean costume: $35
 Vintage carved chair with decorative detail: $32
 Antique hand mirror with German silver handle and cameo back (needs mirror): $35
 Antique German shaving mug: $12
 Inside of shaving mug
 Antique black beaded trim: $30
 Antique handmade wooden carpenter's plane: $20
 Vintage white metal church style floor candelabra: $36 
 Re-upholstered, re-purposed antique carved chair from Liverpool: $200
 Clock in industrial style metal frame: $20
 Antique green marble Bakelite pin with copper leaves: $20

 Antique pewter soldier, 3" tall: $14
 Re-purposed vintage industrial lamps: $85 to $235

 Antique Belgian village print: $24
 Antique Belgian print with bridge: $24
 Antique doll pin cushion: $16
 Set of vintage wine glasses: $20
 Antique 1700's corner cabinet from Liverpool: $145
 Jointed vintage baby doll: $14
 Antique small brown bottle: $12
 Antique brown wooden phone table: $34
 Front of antique red coat shown previously
 Large antique black beaded piece: $45
 Antique diamond pioneer Folk Art quilt: $18
 Close up of antique German stein shown previously 
 Vintage boy hand puppet: $12
Vintage girl hand puppet: $12