Tuesday, June 24, 2014

the beauty of nature and talent that amazes

just returned from our trip to Washington state. beautiful, part of my mind and thoughts and heart. miss living there so much. we lived there for 20 years and wish so much we could move back. green, lush, alive, abundant energy, happiness and beauty.
here are some pictures from tumblr for you to enjoy.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Trying to find beauty .......


it is a difficult thing to do sometimes to find those qualities of life that are beautiful and lovely in this world that has so many discouraging and negative things in it. my blog truly brings me peace and comfort.....the photos I find touch my heart and help me to get through every day.


Monday, May 05, 2014

Finding beauty.......


spring......lovely trees blooming again. blue skies, the warm, wonderful sun. I love this time of year and cherish every moment of spring because it is all too quick and fleeting. I love these beautiful works of art and photos. found on tumblr and other sites. they inspire me so much!!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Our precious granddaughter Aunika!!

A wonderful afternoon with our granddaughter Aunika last month.
You can tell that she really loves books!! It was so much fun to read to her and listen to her tell the story, too!
An amazing afternoon at the Grand America in SLC to see the unusual toy store JuJu's and their incredible window displays. We walked around, too, to see all the lovely chandeliers, paintings and sculptures in the Grand America and walked outside in the courtyard where there were fountains and pretty gardens. What a fun day that we still watch video episodes of on our phone over and over again!!
Aunika loved the fountains and waterfalls and being outside with Grandpa. We can't wait to go on many more wonderful adventures together with our precious little Aunika!!
Laughing and having fun at the Grand America with Grandpa!! She makes us smile and feel so happy!!
Christmas and having fun decorating trees with stickers!!
A pretty piano for Aunika for her birthday!!
I forgot all about this picture!! Aunika was really little. We all went to Heritage Park to see the interesting pioneer village and the farm animals. What a wonderful memory for us!
Beautiful Princess Aunika with her happy Dad this Easter with Brittnee's family.
I love this picture.....what an expression!! Adorable!! Brittnee is a wonderful photographer.