Sunday, March 04, 2007

Can't sleep, missing family kind of pictures......and art that takes away that loneliness a little......

My husband Mike and I just got through watching Oprah's show about Bob Woodruf and his wife, the interview about his recovery. So amazing and touching. People really are strong. We are stronger than we realize. We keep each other going, don't we?!
Oprah's show is my favorite show on t.v. She also amazes me. Mike and I watch her show together a lot. Oprah does so much for others. She is another Mother Theresa, I think. I admire and appreciate her so much, (well, I admire and appreciate both Oprah and Mother Theresa more than I can express. They are both little giants on this earth).
I couldn't sleep afterwards and now I am so tired, it's taking me a while to get this written, my mind is not working very fast. I need to go to sleep so I can get up and go to church in the morning. I love going to church. It cheers me up so much. But I read some of my favorite blogs tonight......Ulla's, Curious Sofa and Elizabeth House and just felt I needed to share a few things that I love.
The first picture is of Mike and I at the Lighthouse a few Christmas's ago with our sons and family. Mike and I just felt so happy together up there in the wind and feeling so happy with our family./ That's me, teaching an art class for children (with Mike.....we taught how to make our little fairy furniture)./ Then, two of my paintings, then, some of my little fairyland furnishings:
"The Parisian Cafe". Then, (I love this picture) of Mike and our cat Sasha. She loved Mike and used to love to perch up on his shoulder while he worked on his art. So cute./ Then, our smaller Treehouse in the window in our apartment in Bellingham, Washington. Then, a beautiful little bed and table I made called "Summer in Greece", shown with two of my paintings, at an art show we did in Bellingham.
Hope you are having a nice night. Stay well and safe and keep praying that there will be peace among us all and that we can make life a happier place for everyone. Peace......everyone fed and clothed and warm and safe and happy. Pray for these things. Prayer can do miracles.
Love to you all, take care,


Maddie Can Fly said...

The pic of the cat on your husband's shoulders made me laugh. This is what Maddie does to me when I'm at the sewing machine trying to sew. Thank goodness she's much smaller then your cat!

Anonymous said...

I typed beautiful art into Google and your blog came up on the first page. I used to enjoy the internet in the mid 90's but it is now so dog eat dog. Your postings reminded me of a more sylvan time in my life, a time of creativity and a gentle love of the unlooked for beauty of life. Your bedroom and your paintings in that room reminded me of times I miss and need to recreate in my life. You pictures, the ones of your eyes and face make me think we were hippy sisters together...a like but parted. Thanks for reminding me not of fairy castles but of the many large and small beauties in and of life.

Lisa said...

I have just found you through Celestine Musings and I'm happy that I did. My morning is brighter and lighter now.:)

Wictoria said...

what a marvelous bunch !