Tuesday, May 29, 2012

finding beauty

                                                    miroko michiko

                                                                     pretty vintage


kristin vestgard

haven't posted much lately......sorry about that. really busy. trying to not let this summer pass me by!! every day i wish i could be outside from morning til night. planted some flower seeds today.....and vegetable seeds. finally got myself out the door onto our tiny deck to fill our planter boxes with soil and talk to the flowers so that they will grow happily. miss so much planting a huge garden.....had so many beautiful flowers.

have fun and cherish this summer!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

                                                     grange de charme
                                                  nathan pres

                                              dietland wolf



                                                    marilyn browning

                                                               helen lyon on blogspot

                                                                jill emery on etsy

                                                                   child at typewriter

hi everyone, the weeks go by so fast. i keep trying to hold ever so tightly onto each spring day to somehow capture them and keep them beside me.....so they won't hurry away so fast, but the days swift by me so quickly as if they are running a race and leave me laughingly behind them. i should live in a culture and a place that has endless days of sun and warmth and masses amounts of flowers and greenery because winter puts a weight of terrible sadness upon me at times. it is beautiful in it's own stark, quiet way, but spring and summer are alive to me and my heart never tires of them......only delighting in each bright and beautiful moment like i were a little child again. sunshine, birds singing, the green of leaves in a tree so much huger and prolific than i......these things and all the hidden secrets of summer that lie behind each afternoon......pull me away from this ancient room where my soul screams and tires to leave from. oh that i would flee this place, to find the glorious and beautiful summer meadow where all is bright and shining and new.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

                                                   emma mcclure, extraordinary artist
lovely narcissus, delicate and sweet
                                                                 monica leonardo, unique artist
                                                     martin azua, inflatable room
                                                                 sea angels, beautiful blog

                                                i love black and white, beautiful blog

                                                      marc foxx, minimal artist
                                                             holli on etsy, so cute

                                                    ici et maintenant, mysterious art

                                                           clic par hasard, beautiful

                                                  she had us at hello, great blog

                                                                      tumblr, adorable

                                                        manouche-manochet, lovely blog
Always inspiring, lovely and pretty and adorable. hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures. hope tomorrow is a good day. has been a difficult week. waiting and working and praying for better days......would love to hear from you.....sure need cheering up.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

                                                        "Air Balloon Circus"
                                                           "I Wish"
"Quill, the Life of a Guide Dog"

                                                                   "Never Stand Still"
So many wonderful movies coming out soon!! Can't wait!

More great movies!!!

                                                  "Hide Away"

                                                       "Ruby Spark"s
                                              "Jesus Henry Christ"

Sunday, May 06, 2012

These new films really look exciting!!!

                                      "Beasts of the Southern Wild"......the title even sounds exciting and unusual. I can't wait to see this film. So inspiring, different and filled with humanity. Beautiful looking film!
                                       Charming, sweet, adorable and amazing....."Otter 501" is a documentary style film about a woman who finds a lost little otter needing desperate help from someone. A truely unique and wonderful film......also will be so excited when we can see this movie, too!
                                           "The Magic of Belle Isle"......with one of my favorite actors.....Morgan Freeman. This looks very charming, beautiful and with a great message. He is always great in everything he does!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

More wonderful artists!!

                                                            alexandra cook, pinterest
alice mumford

an abundance of on blogspot

                                                          camilla engman

                                                    cathie joy young

                                                            claudia schmidt

                                                              corinna wagner

                                                                 emma mclure

                                                            helen frankenthaler

                                                        pennysartloft on etsy

i have had such a difficult week.....have been sick with a bad cold. my husband and i haven't gotten sick in such a long time, so it's been really rough but i'm getting through the worst of it. started a new job at a preschool and it is a lot of work. the children are so cute, though. i've added these new pictures of wonderful paintings, etc. for you to see; hope you'll visit the artist's sites. sorry i didn't include their links, just so tired. hope you're having a wonderful week. what a glorious time of year.....everywhere the trees are blooming with lovely new green leaves, the sun is out and it is so warm and nice and birds are singing. oh, if only it could be spring every day of the year, i would be so deleriously happy! i love the sun and all that it brings with it! just wish we had a yard so i could grow a garden again and have a pretty little orange cat. i keep praying for that kind of life.....away from the city, out of an apartment and into the country where i can enjoy nature again!! would love to hear from any of you who have started a garden or have a cat whom you love! we miss having a cat (can't have animals in our apartment!). have a beautiful day!