Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some of my most favorite artistic people!

Here are some of my very favorite artists! Many of you all ready know of these fantastic, creative people, but I just wanted to share with you the beauty and delicateness artistry of some of the people I have found on the internet (some found on your wonderful websites!) Thank you for sharing!
The first three pictures are from "The Adventures of Elizabeth". She is an incredible interior designer and her website and blog are so wonderful. Her website is: Her blog is: She is such a talented person!
The next two pictures are of the works of Miss Clara. Her paper creations are simply breathtaking! So delicate and inspiring.......I just truely appreciate her artistic beauty so much!
Her website is: I found her on Ullabenulla's blog. You should really go to her website. Her site is really unusual, too.
I will list the other website addresses in a little while. We are visiting our son and his wife and need to drive home now, so please check back tomorrow and I will share more wonderful things!


Hélène said...

I am fascinating as much as you by the beauty
of these timeless fairy creations

Ulla said...

Beautiful posts Debbie! Who did the teapot and cup???

Gypsy Purple said...

Oh yes..they are all beautiful...I have the links for you if you need them....all of these are on my blog....just shout if I must forward