Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our new art work!!!

mike and i have been so busy lately painting, creating new pieces and just feeling so motivated with summer being do more art. we are doing the farmer's market, here, too and that is wonderful.....having that to look forward to every saturday. to meet all the great people, hear their wonderful comments and appreciation of our artwork is so inspiring and helps us to keep creating. it's so great.
these are new works we've done recently. the first picture is of a painting i did on tracing paper. i really love using tracing paper......when you hold the painting up to the light it shines through and makes the painting look so ethereal and like soft stained glass. all the little furniture are pieces i made recently......starting to mount my little fairy furniture on decorated bases and adding little "thought poems" to them. the little dolls are so fun.....i had the most fun creating those. i can't really bring myself to sell them yet......they are so cute, i want to use them in one of my little movies soon. i love making little people. the abstract paintings of the vessels and shapes are mine. loved working on those. the paintings with the little blonde haired girl and the vase with flowers and red background are mike's paintings. we really are gaining more confidence with our painting and enjoying it so much.
let me know what you think of these......would love to hear from you!

Monday, July 12, 2010

life can be wonderful!!!

i am feeling so much better. summer is my absolute most favorite time of the year, partly because i was born in the birthday is august 17th, but apart from that, i love the sunshine and being able to just wear peddle pushers and short sleeve blouses and skirts and sandles. the sunshine is so important it is to us! what would we do without it!
the pictures above are from different blogs and websites. please email me if or leave a comment if you'd like the links to them or any other photos i've posted on my blog. also, there's another new post before this one; be sure to see it, too.
have fun!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

i miss the rain!

it is summer, for sure, hot and bright sun, which i love, but i really miss the rain, too. where we are from in washington, it rained a lot and it's funny, i do miss that. everything is so green there. i'm so excited.....we are finally going on a vacation! next week or the next, we are going back to washington! i can hardly wait. we're going to see my mom and some of mike's family, too. and of course we will go to the beach!!! i love the ocean.
hope you are having a wonderful summer and getting outside a lot. i need to spend more time outside.