Friday, March 23, 2007

Question about using Blogger!!!

I was wondering if anyone (who is interested in helping me) could tell me if there is a way to keep track of how many people visit your blog (on blogger)?? I know how to see how many people look at my profile, but is there a way to see how many total visitors there are on your blog (from the time you first posted something til the present time)? Would so appreciate your help, thanks so much! Debbie


Wictoria said...

hello, I use Xiti :
It's also in english version.

You have to register you, add the html code on you template, then wait a little (1 or 2 days) for have some results.

If you need somme help, ask me, I try to help you do.

Mail :

Gypsy Purple said...

I use Sitemeter:

You have to register and then on blogger paste the HTML with the prompts by blogger....and it will start...I`m very happy with this site...If you need more help...just shout.

I`ll halp with pleasure