Saturday, April 25, 2009

More beautiful photos of our Fairy House!

Here are more wonderful photographs taken by our dear friend and photographer Christy McCullough. Everytime I look at these pictures, I cannot believe how breathtakingly beautiful they are. I don't know how she captures the tiny shafts of light and little dappled areas around the Fairy House......these are just truely wondrous photographs, that really do show how beautiful this creation is!
When I look at these pictures, I remember the afternoon my husband Mike and I and our son Michael spent with Christy at the most enchanted, beautiful and peaceful park I have ever been to. I still think of that park and how magical it was. It was amazing to watch Christy photograph our treehouses and little furniture. She was so focused and intent on capturing just the right feeling of the pieces. The park was very natural, not a manicured, perfect looking park, but much of it was left natural, like what you would see if you were really just walking in the woods. Many of the trees were huge. There was a feeling of age or history about the forest there. (It was the Irvine Park, if I remember correctly). So many beautiful leaves had fallen on the forest floor. They were deep and thick and something in my soul just longed to gather up everyone of them and take them home with me. Leaves like those just have such a language, such can just feel them talking to you. It was such a quiet, warm and beautiful day. I could have stayed there forever. The trees were old and as you can see in some of the pictures of Mike and I standing by both treehouses, there is an old tree with a "fairy home" in the base of the tree. What a magical, wonderful place. It truely was the most perfect place to photograph our houses and little furniture.
I have always wanted to have our Fairy Houses photographed in just such a place, where one could feel as if they stumbled upon a magical kingdom......houses that were made by tiny hands, perhaps little elves or gnomes or tiny fairies who were making a dwelling to stay in during the coming winter. Here, in this lovely park, that felt as if it were from a lost and enchanted land, our treehouses and little characters and their tiny furnishings could live outside the bustling world of the humans and finally feel that they have escaped to their wondrous home.
Beauty is so healing. Beauty that is pure and as moving as nature. What a true art creation nature is......nothing we can do will ever match it. But to be inspired by nature is a gift that can make us better can awaken in us that child that is sleeping, that is trying to remember who they are and where the path is to the world of nature that is calling our names!!

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Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful art work it is amazing i wish i could do that love jaela.