Thursday, February 28, 2008

More pictures......

Hi everyone.......
Hope all of you are having a wonderful week. We are still living in Utah and the weather is FINALLY getting warmer!! Supposedly, this winter was one of the most difficult ones this area has had in quite a while. We were getting so tired of all the snow and COLD!!! The snow is beautiful but the cold really was getting to us. Today was just so beautiful. Mike and went to the park and fed the ducks and geese. They were so cute.
We are still working on our little film "The Enchanted Treehouse". We finally have the story finished and are working on the dialog. It's really fun.
I hope you will all go to my Etsy shop and my website to see the other little films that I have available......They are really cute.
All for now,

Names for pictures on previous post ! Finally!!

Sorry, it's taken me a while to get back to this. I wanted to share with you where I found the pictures from my previous post, so you can enjoy them, too. So, here's the names or links. I unfortunately don't have all of them, but here's info for most of them. 1.Little hedgehog......Natasha Fedeeva 2.Pretty weeds and snow.....Glass Orthodoxy 3.Dress with leaves....Glass Orthodoxy 4.Mouse with hat....Sorry, didn't get the name 5.Beautiful dolls.....whimzy 6.Books with worn pages.....French Antique 7.Montage of pictures with bike.....Entropy 8.Little rusted bike....sorry, no name 9.Montage of pictures with snow covered building.....sorry, no name 10.old watches.....corey amaro 11.Beautiful little doll....I think I found this on ebay 12.Cafe with mosaic wall....Annie Lockhart 13.Dog asleep on bed....Andrew Wyeth 14.Girl with beautiful pink dress....Renae Taylor 15.Incredible dress with wings!....Renae Taylor 16.Little cat with mouse.....sorry, no name 17.Montage of pictures with pink, etc.....sorry, no name 18.Montage of pictures with dandelion puffs.....sorry, no name 19.Pink couch....sorry, again, no name. 20.Sweet little chinchila....." name. 22.Montage with pictures with dog in middle, sorry no name 23.Feather Christmas tree....(this is terrible, sorry, no name) 24.Montage of name 25.Little people under tree.....I think this is by Arthur Rackam 26.Collaged book with words.....sorry, no name 27.Sewn words.......didn't get name 28.Cut out paper over words...." 29.Cake with pink rose petals..." 30.Beautiful dress on little girl...." 31.Beautiful doll.....oh well, at least I had some of them. Sorry!! Well, hope this helps some. I will definitely try to do better.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictures and the people who posted them......

It's very late and I've had a really long difficult day, but I wanted to do something to cheer myself up and you, too, hopefully, so here are some beautiful pictures I found. I promise I will also tell where I found these pictures, whose blogs or websites, so you can go to them, too. Will do tomorrow. Thanks dear friends.
Take care,