Wednesday, July 23, 2008

VERY EXCITING NEWS!!! Our beautiful Fairy Treehouse and little Fairy Furniture are going to be featured in FAERIE MAGAZINE!!! We are so very excited! The article will be out in their next upcoming issue in 2 WEEKS!!! (The photo here is of the previous issue). So, we hope you will look for the magazine and see the beautiful feature they did on us. It was so wonderful to work with them, especially the editor Kim Cross. She is so sweet and such a nice person. It's a very different magazine and really fascinating. Hope you'll look for the issue; should be out on newsstands around the 4th of August!! Have Fun! Debbie

Thursday, July 17, 2008


We wanted to tell you again about our new movies!!! I've posted something about them before, but thought I would add these new pictures and information about them as they are such wonderful films!!
Our more feature length film called "The Enchanted Treehouse" is nearly done!!! Our son, who has been the director, filmmaker and writer of our film (along with our help, of course!) has finished all the editing and now we are just waiting for our other son to do the music!! We are so thrilled and excited!! We've been able to watch a lot of the footage and it is just the cutest, most wonderful movie! We are sure you will just fall in love with it!! So, it should be done by the first of August. (We were hoping to have it available to purchase by the end of this month, but we're pretty close)!
So, if you would like to have your name included on our list of people interested in purchasing the dvd as soon as it's available....just a few more weeks....let me know and I will contact you the first of August. We are having a website designed especially for the film and that will be up and going the first of August (or before), too, so you can just purchase the film right there!! I will also have a new blog up by early next week all about the film, until we get our website going, so you can check there for photos, short film clips and other information all about "The Enchanted Treehouse". So, we're very busy and absolutely thrilled that we're nearly there! So, exciting!!!
A short description about the movie....
It is about a magical, amazing Fairy House in the forest and the curious and comical characters who live there. One day, a little girl named Sarah, suddenly discovers this wonderful, hidden fairytale world in the woods and meets the little characters. They tell her all about the Enchanted Treehouse and show her the amazing rooms, stairways, tiny little furniture and everything else in the Treehouse that is just so enchanting!! There are many wonderful surprises all throughout the movie and a mysterious ending!!!
So, let us know soon if you'd like to purchase this charming, delightful film and we'll put your name on our list!! You can also pre-order, too. The movie will be $17.95, plus $4.00. shipping. Contact me if you'd like to pre-order it.
Also, we have another film that we are really excited about. I mentioned it in my previous post, but wanted to share a little more about it with you. I've included some better pictures of the dvd in this post. It's an instructional dvd about How to Make Fairy Furniture!! It is 1 hour and 40 minutes long, so it has tons of wonderful details, instruction and inspiring ideas on how to create beautiful and amazing little fairy furniture!! There's also some nature scenes, cute little characters talking and pretty music!!
It also is $17.95, plus $4.00 shipping. It is available now, so if you'd like to purchase it, just let me know here. I have a better cover for the dvd I will be adding to it soon, too. It's really fun and so unusual to learn this wonderful form of art!!
Here are a few short film clips from our new movies....the first one is from our Instructional DVD "Creating Beautiful Fairy Furniture" and the other clip is just a "behind the scenes" short of us filming the movie. We will have some other clips from the actual movie here soon, so be sure to check back!! You can also see our wonderful t.v. commercial
of the movie by clicking on the link at the top right hand corner of my blog. If for some reason the commercial doesn't work on your computer, let me know and I will just email you the commercial. (It's just 1 minute long). It will be airing soon on a Cable TV network!!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful, fun summer!! Hope to hear from you!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Beauty is truely a lovely thing.......

I am constantly inspired by so many people whose creativity and imagination just touches my heart completely. Here are some of those beautiful things created by these wonderful people.
Can you imagine how sad and awful the world would be without the creations of these people?? I am so grateful for all of these artists and how they are able to see such lovely things in life and create art that just utterly amazes me! Thank you!
Bonzie on Etsy
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Chiharu Shiota
Ciel d'orage's Blog
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D Sharp's Blog
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It is a beautiful day here today. It will undoubtedly get so much hotter later, but for right now, it is pretty and quiet and beautiful. We are still living in Utah. Trying to figure out if we want to stay here. We miss Washington so much. Also thinking about going to Ireland. Anyone have any comments about Ireland??
Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

how do you describe what painting feels like.....

how do you describe what painting is like? what memory does it fill your mind and soul with? i wonder sometimes why painting is so comforting and exciting......the colors, the fluidity of the paint, just the experience of creating something on a flat surface and then it becomes alive and has a story to tell you. it's as if the paint has a personality and it becomes a person, who talks to you and expresses what you keep deep inside your mind and your spirit......the paint, the brush, the canvas all collaborate together to create this story......this memory of something you want to say.
these paintings were so exciting for me to do. i like them. i don't know if anyone else will like them, but they gave me such excitement and joy, they are like my children to me. i still need to work on them, but even in the process, they are important to a child; in their growing and learning, they are beautiful and amazing. paintings are not quite the same. i miss raising our sons......taking care of our children, but that experience is part of who i am. so now, painting can fill a little space within me where i can create something that becomes part of my personality and part of my caring and nurturing feelings.