Friday, May 29, 2015

Gorgeous paintings!

Hello everyone! We have been so busy working on helping with the marketing of our new book "Fairy House" and buying and selling antiques......just a whirlwind lately! This is my absolute favorite time of year! Spring! Summer is the most precious to me of all, though. My birthday is in August, so, of course, August is my favorite month, but Spring and Summer have got to be the best times of the year for sure! I love the sunshine and all the spring flowers, everything blooming and happy!! It all makes me very happy! So, I hope you are having a wonderful, glorious springtime and getting outside a lot, too.

These photos were mostly from Tumblr, my absolute favorite place to find beautiful art!! Would love to hear from you!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Summer is hope and green

the air is filled with a lighter voice, a nearly childlike flutter of excitement; a feeling of waiting for something truly wonderful. summer is here. i hold my breath each moment as the sun filters happily into every corner of the day. moss, green and bright, green drawers, patchy with old white paint, old paintings, sitting in a corner, waiting to be discovered. the mesh of leaves, eyes closed remembering a lovely garden, hidden away for the adventurer to find. the children watch and listen, they are the adventurers who walk to the edge of the forest to see the sweet deer and rabbits. the children are life and hope.
poem by debbie schramer, 2015