Sunday, August 31, 2008

We're going to be at the Utah State Fair!!!!

Hello everyone again....
Hope you are having a great week. I've added a few pictures of some scenes from our new movie "The Enchanted Treehouse" and also a few of the really cute credits we made for the movie as well. We are so excited to have movie done and available for everyone. Be sure to go to our new blog dedicated just to our movie at:
We also are very excited that we will be at the Utah State Fair, starting next week....Thursday the 4th until the 14th of September. A long show and long hours, too, but we are still happy to be a part of it. We will have an unbelievable booth there at the show! We really hope you will come and see it. Entirely handmade.....
scenes of mountains and blue sky (murals), little villages and buildings, our characters and our treehouses and just really an amazing booth filled with wondrous things!! We will be in the Market Building at the Fair. I think our space is # 142. Hope to see you there. We'll be doing several other shows and festivals in the next few months, so I'll post that information soon.
Please let usknow if you are interested in purchasing our movie "The Enchanted Treehouse". You can purchase it at our blog (address above) or my Etsy store at:
Love to all and keep kindness in your heart and give it away to all around you!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally back to sharing beautiful photos with you again!!!

Hello dear friends!! You must have thought that I became lost in our busy days of working on our movie!! I did in a way....
we have been extremely busy with our movie, but I finally have a chance to share some beautiful photos with you. I have missed just doing regular blogging!! I haven't even had a chance to visit very many of your blogs either, so I want to take some time to see all the beautiful things you share, too, on your blogs.
We are very excited that our movie has been selling! People seem to be very excited about it, too! We are getting ready to go to the Utah State Fair to show our Treehouse and little furniture and to sell our movie. We're really excited. Mike is making a wonderful booth with his painted mountain and sky murals and little villages and even is making a rectangular box-like sign that will say "The Enchanted Treehouse" on it with pictures of castles and little people waving. I'm sure it's going to be wonderful; he is so imaginative.
We had something even more wonderful happen though in our family this last week!! Our younger son got married! We were so happy. He and his bride Brittnee looked so sweet and beautiful together and so happy. I couldn't keep back the tears, it was such a tender, sweet day. They are on their honeymoon in Kennybunkport, Maine! It should be a beautiful place to spend their week. Our older son and his wife also were here for the wedding; they came up from California. It was so wonderful to see them. Michael, our older son, did the music for our movie. It is beautiful. He is such a talented person with so much sensitivity to music.
I never had a daughter and I didn't have sisters either, so I am very grateful for my daughters-in-law. They are very special. It's so difficult though.....our older son and his wife live in California and we live in Utah, so we really miss them a lot. Don't you wish families lived closer to each other, like they used to??
I have been thinking a lot lately about families and being good to your family, caring about them, working at making your family happy and feeling loved. It really does take a conscious effort; it just doesn't happen on it's own, unless there's just really a lot of natural love and understanding. But there are always things in families that have to be worked out and talked about. It is definitely worth every ounce of effort and care, though. We cherish our little family so much. I hope you and your family are feeling a lot of love for each other and are happy!! That is the most important thing in the world!!
Well, that's all for now. I apologize for not posting many things lately other than information about our movie. It's just been totally occupying our lives. But, I will keep posting pretty things for you, so please check back. Would love to hear from you, too!!!
God Bless!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Faerie Magazine article is so beautiful!!!

We finally got to see the article in Faerie magazine that they did on our little fairy furniture and houses!!!! We were so surprised!! We thought it was going to be on just one page, but it turned out to be a 5 page article!!!!! We couldn't believe it. It's so beautiful and they just presented our nature art so perfectly. I hope you will all get a chance to see it. It's the Summer issue and is out in stores now. You can find it at Barnes and Noble and Borders Book Stores.
Our movie "The Enchanted Treehouse" is ready to purchase, so hope you'll get a copy right away. It's a beautiful, magical and amazing film and we are absolutely thrilled that we finally have it available for everyone to see!! Hope to hear from you! To purchase our film, just go to our previous post, a few posts before this one. Or you can go to our website, dedicated to our movie at:
Have a wonderful day!
Debbie and Mike

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Flim Clip!! One of our creative credits for our new movie!!

This is a really cute clip of one of our very creative credits for our new movie "The Enchanted Treehouse". The music isn't added yet, but will be soon. Our other credits are very unusual and will definitely surprise you!!

Remember, you can purchase "The Enchanted Treehouse" now through our new blog/website at: It is $17.95 with $4.00 shipping. You can actually purchase here on my blog, too. Just scroll down to the previous post. Contact us if you have any questions. We will be adding information about shipping, but just to let you know now, we will ship the dvd priority mail through the post office and it should get to you in a few days from mailing.