Tuesday, July 01, 2008

how do you describe what painting feels like.....

how do you describe what painting is like? what memory does it fill your mind and soul with? i wonder sometimes why painting is so comforting and exciting......the colors, the fluidity of the paint, just the experience of creating something on a flat surface and then it becomes alive and has a story to tell you. it's as if the paint has a personality and it becomes a person, who talks to you and expresses what you keep deep inside your mind and your spirit......the paint, the brush, the canvas all collaborate together to create this story......this memory of something you want to say.
these paintings were so exciting for me to do. i like them. i don't know if anyone else will like them, but they gave me such excitement and joy, they are like my children to me. i still need to work on them, but even in the process, they are important to me......like a child; in their growing and learning, they are beautiful and amazing. paintings are not quite the same. i miss raising our sons......taking care of our children, but that experience is part of who i am. so now, painting can fill a little space within me where i can create something that becomes part of my personality and part of my caring and nurturing feelings.

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Michael said...

Literally speaking it is not easy to define how one feels upon painting his imagination. One thing is certain though the Photo canvas has got to be something that comes straight from the heart, that is one reason why they touch the heart when looked on.