Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Treehouses, hobbit houses and amazing dwellings.......

lately i have found some of the most absolutely amazing sites and are some pictures from those places. (i listed where you can find these pictures at the end of my post).
i always am drawn to anything having to do with nature. in my childhood, my family and i lived in many out of the way places. we lived at the beach for a long time, in the woods and in the moutains. i spent many hours and days walking in the woods, talking to the birds and the hidden animals and just feeling totally amazed at the world of nature. the ocean was mysterious to me, beautiful and so vast and powerful. the trees had a language i kept trying to understand, although i think i could hear the voices of the trees better than i realized. they speak to us, i am sure. the little forest animals are sweet and gentle and so often we frighten them with our insensitivity and cruelty. i wish so much that the world would realize how beautiful nature is. it is our closest voice to God, other than our spirits. we are so connected to nature; we need it. the older i get, the more i realize how even i am foolish sometimes about things that we have because of paper, for instance. how many times i crumple up a piece of paper that could be re-used or better used, not thinking enough about the trees that may have been sacrificed for that piece of paper. it is not all really renewable......nature. everything in it's finest, orginal state is meant to stay that way. how far we are from nurturing and cherishing the beautiful world of nature. there are many, many people who are doing wonderful things to live better with nature, though and i think the world is becoming more aware of our need to be more careful of the natural world, but i know that i, myself, could do a lot more to appreciate nature and use it wisely.
i wanted to share these pictures with you because i think they are some of the most wonderful photos i've found in a long time. i've posted pictures of lovely interiors, beautiful fashion, adorable pictures of children and animals, but to see these pictures of the most amazing houses and little dwellings truely touches my heart. it makes me miss the trees and the ferns and the moss so much that i used to see in Washington. it's a beautiful world we live in. we are so extremely blessed because of that. i hope we can each truely cherish this gift, the gift God gave us of the natural world.
(pictures found on these sites:)
end of march,
bloom magazine,
hardworking hippy,
kickcan & conkers,
the hermitage


Ailys said...

What amazing houses!
I like this, they are a part of the nature, beautiful...

Anonymous said...

i want a house just like these :D

Beth said...

Ooooo! I just discovered your blog today! May I do a post about your fairy houses on Acorn Pies? It would link to your blog and you would get all the credit for your photos, etc. love, Beth

Anonymous said...

Debbie, you are wonderful person for sharing these beautiful treasures. I loved the photos, so different and unique. Thank you for sharing. I couldn't agree with you more when you said, "I wish the world would realize how beautiful nature is", perhaps they would respect it more. The world would be better off for sure.