Saturday, September 29, 2012

the poem of a lovely room

somewhere, hidden in a bower, bracken filled and flights of wings,
living there, beyond the eye's dreams.....a little person, slight of, weightier than a butterfly
yet silken and fond of sunshine, 
a little person, a friend of gentle folk and foxes of the forest.

moss laden footpaths, winterey and sleeping quietly as the forest speaks.
quiet sounds, far past any memories of solitude, wait for the woodsman, 
watch for the peasant milk maid 
for their lives are old and yet filled with stories

stories of old wooden doors, rooms of thick, heavy books and keys
whose owners know not where they arrive from.

stories of roads of brown, soft soil where wooden carts have fastened long trails
of familiar afternoons. i remember that such places find their way.
ready for the old trees lovely limbs and leaves to feather and dance lightly into the sky.
night falls, dusk and bending light and clouds, softer, more gray than that of fading coal

the foot steps out the unknown door, unknown only to the reader inside
this room filled with handwritten letters for stories yet to tell.

having just watched the endearing, lovely and singularly beautiful
film "Bright Star" of the story of John Keats and Fanny Braun. i have written poetry since age eleven. this wondrous film always takes me away from this world into a place that is divinely delicate and soft. hence my poem. i should share more of my poems. 

find a place that is quiet and serene and lovely, filled with some kind of old and beautiful history and the soft places of your soul will brighten and live again like a little child.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Beauty helps with sadness

                                                    jo aylward
jo aylward
lost in fiber, blog
michael graydon
olssen and jensen
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sada art on etsy
sada art on etsy
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a rough week, wishing we were at the ocean or somewhere else. do you ever have days where you just feel so sad and discouraged. we just are not happy where we are. want so much to sell our art more. would love to be a traveling art teacher. anyone have any ideas? at least have peace and happiness more from these lovely pictures. certain things do keep me going. would love to hear from you.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

more great art

                                      debi trelor
glenn brady
hegena rodrigues
jo lawrence
kristin vestgard, incredible artist!!
kristin vestgard
kristin vestgard
lost in fiber blog
lost in fiber blog
lost in fiber
mi. blog
sada art on etsy, amazing art (hope you'll visit her shop)

hello everyone. sunday, so lazy today. hope you are having a good day. i love the quietness on sundays. makes me think we would be happier out in the country on a little farm. have been painting so much lately. hope you'll visit my etsy shop to see my new work:
talk to you soon, remember to be nice to everyone, the world could use more smiles!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pray for God and what he does

I wanted to write something about how things are going in the world right now. It is so hard to deal with all the tragedies that happen in life all around us, sometimes. Life is supposed to be beautiful and filled with happiness and joy; we were meant to be kind and loving to one another. I remember as a child feeling that to be alive was such an incredibly wonderful thing. I looked at the world with such amazement and curiosity. I still feel that way, but as an adult, I, of course, am so much more aware of all the problems in the world as well. I just don't want to give up hope on our world, though, or the people in it, including myself. For as many terrible things going on in the world, there are just as many, if not more.....wonderful things happening, as well. People doing kind and caring things for others, beauty and inspiration all around us and progress happening where life seemed bleak before. I just don't believe that life is going to be defeated. Life.....which is everything good and beautiful and kind and gentle. Life, which includes God......whoever he is to people, is who we can remember and talk to and think about when things get too crazy. The other day, when I was praying (I pray every night before I go to sleep), I realized that I needed to pray for God. (Why not?) I realized that he could use our prayers.....that he could use our help by praying that all the people he is trying to help would please listen to him and try to get along, be kind to each other, to stop fighting, to stop whatever they're doing that is making themselves and others unhappy. I prayed that people would remember where they came from and that God is real and that people would talk to God and listen to him. The thoughts just came to me so easily, when I realized I could do this, I could actually pray for God that things would go right for him, that all his work, his pleading with people, all his own prayers.....would be answered. He tries to help us, why can't we try to help him with what he is doing. It doesn't matter to me what people believe, as long as they believe in trying to live good, honest and kind lives. As long as we can help people to stop doing bad things. Life is too beautiful, too wonderful, too incredible to waste on doing bad things. We could all be happy. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Yes, it would. After I prayed for God.....that all that he is doing to help all of us would happen, I felt so much light in myself!! I felt so happy, so grateful and so blessed. I have prayed for years about many things and for many people, but I have never felt that way before. I felt as if God actually thanked me for thinking of him. I am sure he could use our help. He could use our help. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our beautiful art will be at the American Visionary Art Museum!

We are so excited!! Our wonderful art will be at AVAM, the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland in a year long exhibit that begins very, very soon......October 6th!! They will be exhibiting our two incredible Fairy Treehouses, many of our beautiful fairy furniture, our little sculptural nature characters and quite a few of our paintings as well. The museum will be displaying our art in such an unusual way and we are so excited that our pieces can be in such a wondrous, magical and amazing museum. AVAM is the 4th top museum in the United States, even above the Met and other famous museums. It is also the #1 museum in the U.S. for children, but it is a very unique museum for all ages showing visionary art, outsider art, the work of self taught artists and naive artists. It is truely the most amazing museum I have ever seen! We just took our work to the museum several weeks ago and were just so thrilled to have our work there and to be there to see it again. (We actually had our work in AVAM in their very first inaugural exhibit in 1995 and our treehouse was chosen the 4th favorite work of art out of all the 400 pieces in the exhibit!!! So, we were very excited when we were invited to have our work back at AVAM again!) I hope you will be able to visit the museum and see our work there along with all the other incredible art in their special exhibit "The Art of Storytelling".

We really hope to go to the opening of the exhibit which is a preview party the day before the official public opening. So, hope you'll go to our etsy shops and order some of our wonderful artwork. We have tons of incredible paintings, sculptures and other great art:

Love to hear from any of you!! Here is the link to AVAM:
(article about the exhibit with mention of our art!!)

Monday, September 17, 2012

lovely, quiet earth colors

can't remember where i found these pictures. in a new book, but, sorry can't remember the name. anyone know?

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Jacinthe Chevalier
Julie Arkell
amazing puppet
artist named heike
little circus blog
wonderful children's fashion

more amazing puppets and dolls
wau wau

it's amazing how little dolls and soft creations and animals can make us feel such comfort and peace. i love these and feel very touched by their simple and sweet beauty.

Wonderful books about art!!

Found these great books through Amazon the other day. Look so interesting!!

my paintings......

more of my beautiful paintings. hope you'll visit my etsy shop to see more: