Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fairy Castle, more photos......

Here are some more pictures of our beautiful Fairy Castle. The first picture is of the kitchen, with it's little stove and pots and pans, fossil chair and shell sink, among other wonderful details. Next is a larger view of the tower, kitchen and laundry room. (The laundry room has a little ironing board, iron, a fairy dress, washtub and bos of fairy soap). Detail of tower with mica window. Laundry room. Then, the dining room with tiny dishes made from sea glass and little pods; the floor is made from china shards, mosaic pieces and antique buttons. Then you will see a detail of two of the towers with the driftwood stairs; the little tower room on the right is a hermitage, a little hermit's cottage. More stairs leading up to a tower. Then, the mud room for potting up plants, with a sink, tiny pots for plants made from pods and a little chair for resting. Detail of kitchen and children's play room. A tower up close showing the telescopes. Then, detail of the bedroom with the little baby cradle, chair and dresser. Little canopy bed with lavender pillows and crystal overhead. Another view of the dresser in the bedroom. Next, there are several full views of the Fairy Castle, set near a beautiful pool with stone walls. (The black base of the castle is now covered with lovely green moss). After all the views of the castle by the pool, there are more detailed photos of the kitchen showing the little stove, a woodpile and other objects in the kitchen. Following these pictures are more full views of the Fairy Castle in another setting, showing the various sides. After this, is a close up of the dining room table with mica plates. Then, the next photo is of the painting studio in the art tower that has a sculpture studio, painting studio and art library on the lower floor. (All the paintings in the painter's studio are handpainted). Then, the mud room, bedroom and kitchen again. Lastly, there are wonderful photos of the Fairy Castle in the woods, shown with beautiful leaves and trees surrounding it.

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