Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sleep is lost, pictures comfort........

how i wish i could sleep. too many things on my mind. so i'll share these pretty pictures with you.
1. this pretty picture of a lovely window is from Debi Treloar's blog.
2. the next photo is two sweet little girls having a wonderful teaparty. how i miss that of my own childhood. have any of you had a teaparty lately???
3. the 3rd picture is one of my most favorite pictures. it's from a card i have.....a sleepy little dreaming child protected by birds and pretty flowers. how perfect and wonderful. i know we would all want our children to always be protected in such a beautiful sweet way. they certainly can be through our prayers.
4.the next picture is of Sleeping Beauty. I'm sorry, I forgot to save the name of the site where I found this. It's lovely, though....a sadness and melancholy about it, but so beautiful.
5.This next picture is from the Santuary blog. I love shops. This one looked so charming and interesting. I could spend all day every day going to shops; it's just one of my most favorite things to do. Does anyone know of some really different shops that are fun to go to? What are your favorites??
6. Isn't this puppy just adorable?! He has a look on his face that no matter what comes his way in his dear life, he can get through it!!! Such a determined, confident little puppy!
7. This little girl is just adorable. I found this picture on Marion Dubier Clark's blog. This little girl reminds me of someone who is ahead of their time! She looks self-assured, happy and having a wonderful time. My father started playing piano at age 3. He was a wonderful musician.
8 & 9. Mari Mahr's incredible collages.
10. Beautiful crown from "In the Pink" blog.....I just love this!!
11. Adorable little doll with tuxedo....how cute is this?!! From "Fine Little Day" blog.
12. This charming little man, a doll called Dean's Lupino" is so cute. If I remember correctly, I think I found it on ebay. He has such personality!!
13. This absolutely adorable little elephant is from "Cheswick Company". They make the most charming, unusual little creations. I was so happy to have found them.
14. This funny little donkey is a character, for sure. I found this picture on ebay.
15. This next picture is very cute. The little girl surrounded by beautiful plants.....a pretty garden. If you look really closely to her left, you'll see a really small person sitting on a leaf!! Isn't that wonderful?!
16. I'm sorry to say that all I wrote down in my notes about this next picture is "blog-bpi-pram". Hope that makes sense somehow. This little buggy is so cute, don't you think?!
17. This next picture is from the wonderful, unique shop in Oakland called "Maison d' Etre". I used to go there often when we lived near Berkeley. I loved that area.....so many incredible, unique, wonderful shops!!! I miss that so much....the shops in that area.
18 & 19. The last two photos are so beautiful.....they exude spring and beauty and color and life!! I'm sorry, I can't remember where I found them. But they truely make me feel happy!!
Hope you enjoyed these photos. I should be able to sleep now. Does anyone have a remedy for not getting enough sleep?? We stay up so late sometimes, that I have the most difficult time falling asleep!!
Take care and remember to be kind to someone today. You just never know how you can truely bless someone's life who is in desperate need of love and care!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter everyone.......
My husband was saying this morning that it seemed to him that everywhere he's lived, it's always been sunny on Easter. I agreed because I actually don't remember an Easter when it rained or was gloomy either. It is a beautiful day and a special day for us to think about. I am grateful for this day and for the blessing our beautiful Saviour is to us all.
I hope you have a very sweet and wonderful day and are able to be with loved ones or friends. I send you lots of smiles and cheerful thoughts!!
(Don't have time right now, but I will list where these pictures came from later today).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New television broadcast times for our son's documentary about us!!!

Hello everyone.......
I recently posted an announcement about the television broadcast of our son's documentary called “Married to Art”, which is about my husband and I as artists. Unfortunately, the film dates and times were changed so it was not aired when we were expecting. There are now new broadcast times for the film, so we wanted to let you know about these changes. We apologize for our misinformation; it was just a change in the programming that we were not aware of.
Here is the information about the film:
"This intriguing documentary is about Mike and Debbie Schramer......artists and sculptors, and the balance between the artwork they collaborate on together and their life as a married couple. Creators of an amazing miniature Treehouse made from nature, a unique work of art, this film is a fascinating look into the lives of these unusual artists as they share their views on life, art, marriage and creativity.
"Married to Art" was directed by Matthew Schramer. An interview with Matthew will be shown prior to the film. The music for the film was composed by Michael Schramer. This presents a unique documentary in which the filmmaker, the composer and the artists are a family who have collaborated on a film together."
Here are the correct dates and times for the television broadcast of “Married to Art”:
March 19th, Wednesday at 9 p.m. March 21st, Friday at 4 p.m. March 24th, Monday at 9:30 a.m. March 26th, Wednesday at 5 p.m.
The documentary will be shown on BYU TV. It is on the program called "First Look". BYU TV can be viewed anywhere in the world, where people have dish network or cable.
Dish Network is Channel 9403 Direct TV is Channel 374 Provo, Utah: Comcast Cable is Channel 55 Salt Lake City, Utah: Comcast Cable is Channel 21
For all other state and cable providers, refer to this link by choosing your state and provider and it will tell you the channel: http://www.byutv.org/getbyutv/usmap.asp
These programs can also be viewed on BYU TV online as streaming video immediately after the program has aired on t.v. Just go to http://www.byutv.org/ and click on "get byu tv", then click on "streaming video" and go from there. Look for the date and time of the program you want to see and click on the video.
We hope you will have a chance to see one of these programs and learn more about our beautiful and unique artwork. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or inquiries.
Thank you, Mike and Debbie Schramer

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Need old fabric, ribbon snippets!

Hello everyone....
I haven't posted anything for such a long time. We've been very busy on many projects....but I finally have a window of time to write. I am so happy lately because I have been making some wonderful new pieces and have just been having a happy time!! I'll share some pictures of my new pieces with you here.
I absolutely love using beautiful old fabrics and ribbons, old laces and just anything old and tattered and filled with lovely memories....in my little creations. But I am so running out of these things! I wanted to put out a plee to anyone who works with antique fabrics or any beautiful fabrics of any kind (even new) that if you ever have any really small snippets of fabrics or ribbons or lace that you are just going to discard because they are too small to use.....please let me know! I could definitely use them! Even if they are just 1/2" in size, my little furniture is small enough that I could make a pretty home for these discarded pieces. Anything small, starting from 1/2"....up to any size you care to share. I would be happy to pay for postage from whereever you are.....even Europe! And could even purchase the snippets or remnants if it's not too much. (Just ask me). Anything like velvets, silks, wool.....I don't know the names of different fabrics, but just anything beautiful and enchanting. Also, millnery supplies or anything enchanting like that. If what you have is just too old or tattered or small for you to use, I could use it. Also, small bits of pretty papers, beading, whatever. Small and old or different, I would make a wonderful new home for them and make them cherishable!!
Please let me know also if you know of anyone who might have things like this. I'm posting some pictures, too, of some of the pieces I've made that have some old tattered fabrics, etc.
Thank you! Can't wait to hear from anyone who is interested!!
The last pictures are of the pieces I made with the old tattered fabric, to give you an idea of what I'm looking for, but I would love anything different and unusual!!