Wednesday, August 26, 2009

all i can think about is the forest and the sea.......

all i can think about lately is being in the forest, walking through the beautiful trees in a dense and quiet woods. sleeping by the ocean, the sounds of the gentle waves like a lullabye in my ears. i miss the ocean so much and the forest. we live in the city now, more than we did before and i am so unhappy here. i can't believe how people live in such closeness to all the noise of the cars and the buildings all around. i feel like running so fast from find the peace and beauty of nature. i am sure that many of the problems in the world are because of cities......and people not having the gentleness and healing of nature to guide and comfort them. cities are interesting and exciting sometimes, but they almost feel like a trap. in nature, we are free, we can be like children and we can feel the beauty God gave us in our smiles and our happiness.
i don't want to live here anymore. i think about the ocean so much. when i see a picture of the ocean, my heart just breaks with such longing for the sea. it is so beauiful and amazing. how can we as a people put ourselves so far from this powerful and yet humble gift we have been given? i am trying to find something away from here that we can do or go to so that we can free ourselves from this horrible place. i miss the animals of the forest, the little ladybugs and the beetles and the gentle birds and raccoons. i miss the seaweed, the sand and the sounds of the sea. to sleep with the sound of the sea is to dream of a heavenly place and to walk in gentle gardens, happy and beautiful.
i hope we can find a place soon where we can be close to nature again. i miss it terribly.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i want to live by the sea......

the wind finds it's way to the corner of the winter cove,
little swallows quietly sleeping in a lovely tree......
i walk past a fallen's driftwood walls echo of laughter and stories and long, wondering gazes as children run along the shore.
where did the sun go? waiting for a brighter day, we see a ship in the horizon and talk about long journeys and sleeping dreams.
what will the snow bring this winter? a stark and cold day, we long for the sun of summer again.
summer is as if the world is turned upside down and all the frozen memories fall into the sea.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How do you add......"You also might like" blog??

Can anyone tell me how to add the feature on your blog that is at the end of each post that says....."you also might like"'s links to other posts on your blog that are related the post you just listed?? I have tried to add that feature to my blog several times but every time I do, it doesn't seem to work. I would be so appreciative if anyone could tell me how to go about doing that. Thanks so much!
Here's some pictures of some of my new pieces. I may have posted them before; can't remember. I have really loved being so creative lately. With our gallery/studio, we really are motivated to do more of our art!!
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 10, 2009


i want so much to have a wonderful summer. i see so many people traveling to spain and italy, france and other wonderful places and i just feel like the summer might end before my husband and i have a chance to really enjoy it......our biggest dream, most fervent dream is to go to Europe.....especially England, France and Ireland. i realize though, that we need to really work on going there instead of just talk about going there. i just know if we were to go there, i would be so happy, i would feel as if i were finally home. please write to me about your travels to Europe. i would love to hear about your experiences there......perhaps you can tell me what we must to do to make our dream a reality. i would even be happy if we could go to Europe to work and live, not just to vacation. our country......the united states is so drab in some ways to me.....compared to what i see in the beautiful and captivating countries of europe. the history, the ancient, longing feeling of these enchanted places, the people and the children, the gardens, the little towns, the magical and wonderful feeling of the places filled with memories of so many things. our summer so far has been mostly filled with work. i am so anxious to have a wonderful experience somewhere different, somewhere beautiful and inspiring. beauty is my inspiration, my life. i want to surround myself with beauty and lovely things, lovely places, words, thoughts, gardens, clothing, interiors, children, flowers and just everything that is touching and pretty and sweet. debbie