Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lovely photos......

hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season!

Monday, December 14, 2015

In the company of dragonflies......

i wanted to share this incredibly beautiful poem that my husband Mike just wrote because it is so lovely and expresses so much imagery and vision. he is a truly wonderful writer and i am so happy that he is beginning to write is his poem:

I want to walk with you on a wooded path 
in the cool sunlight
in the company of dragonflies and rabbits.
We will write poetry to one another 
inspired by the light 
that prisms from the leaves of the trees.
As we walk through the shadows from woodlands gone by 
we are embraced and our memories are protected. 
We can return and walk past 
the sweet cakes of nature again 
while flowers hide our loneliness 
and cover our desire to be lifted heavenward.
We accept the grasses to be as angels,
brushing our legs with strength 
to walk to the end and beyond.

Isn't this exceptional?!! For me, this lovely, descriptive poem brings so many pretty images to mind and I wish I could go to all of these beautiful places to dream and live this lovely life with my husband.

I'm sure Mike would love to hear your comments if you'd like to share them.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Never ready for Christmas......

i do love Christmas but it always comes about so quickly and I feel so unprepared emotionally. i used to really anticipate Christmas and love the magic and surprise of this time of year, but i find myself wanting to walk away from it, it comes so early. i don't feel prepared emotionally for all the talk of Christmas, the commercials, the shops, billboards. it just feels like it's too soon every year. does anyone else feel like that? i feel like i'm on the outskirts of something so magical and enchanted, but cannot catch up. 

all of these beautiful photos express how i feel right now about the energy and magic that is swirling around the world. i know Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus. Christmas was born of his life, his work on the Earth, but that seems to be missing from all of this celebration. i love the happy, sweet feeling of this time of year but i just can't keep up with the dreams i wish i were feeling or the happiness i wish i felt, instead of feeling left out and alone.