Sunday, February 22, 2009

the little worlds, the time that sings and silly children

i don't talk very much about what i think of feel or dream about, so i am going to share with you some things that i think about......
* i don't like riding horses, don't like seeing people ride horses; i also feel brokenhearted when i see horses pulling carts for people.....strapped in with a million belts and their spirit as low as the ground that they are walking on....
(horses have the most beautiful spirit, the most Godlike, childlike, free, intelligent and amazing spirit......why should we demean them like we do?) Let them run free and happy like they used to......
* i feel that one of the most important, sacred and crucial things we must do is to take better care of all the beautiful children of the world. How tragic and hearbreaking, too, are the millions of children all over the world whose lives are torn and saddened by poverty, loneliness and fear. Children should be able to help lead our world, share their genius, bring our hearts back to kindness, goodness, love and joy. More than anything, I wish I could do more to help children. They need us and we need them. Why are we just letting them suffer???
* Nature is beautiful. I love going for walks and listening the quiet language of the forest or sitting by the sea and feeling how vast the waters are. I wish we could do more to take care of the earth. There are so many beautiful flowers and trees, little birds and animals who need our help.
* I love how there are people in the world who really care about what is important. People, people's feelings and dreams, the earth, animals, nature. There are so many people in the world that do the most amazing, extraordinary things for other people. I am so grateful for those people, their good souls and hearts.
* I love someone who has a sense of humor. People are so funny sometimes. There are many wonderful things that make me smile.....
The video/idea of "Free Hugs".....seen on Youtube
"Star Wars according to a three year old" on Youtube
* I loved "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, "Tales of Desperaux", "The Duchess" (although I thought it was terribly, terribly sad).
* I am hopeful for our country. I think things can get better, but on the other hand, everything seems to be falling apart. I cannot believe so much money has been given to people who really don't seem to deserve it. So many companies are failing, so many people are losing their jobs. It is unbelieveable. I just think that everyone needs to be thoughtful of others and to help anyone they can. We all need to realize that it is a very difficult time for everyone, so we need to be understanding.
Well, I will write more later. I would love to hear from anyone!! I miss getting comments on my blog, so feel free to share your comments. I am so grateful to have a blog; it is my lifeline to the world, not the only one, but a very important one!!
The pictures above are from different sites I've found. So many beautiful pictures; they truely inspire me!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

New links added!!

Just a few pictures from some of the blogs I just listed in my list of links. I have so many more to add, so visit again soon to see these wonderful places to visit!!
Have a great week!! Would love to hear from all of you!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Class this Saturday....making beautiful Fairy Furniture!

This Saturday, we will be giving our first children's art class (here in Utah) at our new Gallery/Studio on making our beautiful, little Fairy Furniture!! We are so excited!! We have taught many classes at schools and children's museums and people's homes, etc., but never have actually had a real studio to have our classes in, so we are thrilled!! We hope if any of you are interested for your children to take the class, that you will let us know. There are some children already signed up, but there's plenty of space left if your children would like to take the class.
It will be from 3:00 to 5:00 this Saturday. You can read more about the classes, (cost, materials, etc.) on our new blog:
It will be so much fun!! Hope you'll contact us soon as the class will be filled pretty fast. These are amazing classes for children as they love working with nature and their imagination is really wonderful using these beautiful natural materials!!

Friday, February 06, 2009

the poet who dreamed of living in a tree......

i love the beauty of words; words made from letters that are funny, elegant and curious, delicate and small. words that express love, humor, sadness, wonder, laughter....and how deeply captivated one's heart can be with the beauty in life. words that form countries, schools, rooms of dreams, words that bring a dinner from a tiny kithen, words that wait in a quiet field under glittering stars.
i love the words that tell me i am alive, although there are words, too,
that make me feel as though i have waited for something all of my life, but have not found it still.
words that sing,
words that tell a story,
words that search for something to heal one's soul.
a poet who dreams of living in a tree.....
a poet who listens to words to see if the branches can take her up to the sky, where doors open and little windows catch butterflies.
a poet who loves the words that she sets on paper, sings to the air, leaves in her heart for another day when the grass is green and beautiful.