Friday, August 15, 2014

August, my birthday month......

my birthday is coming up in three days.....august 17. isn't it funny how the day that our birthdays falls on seems like such a perfect day, a special day, unlike any other? I love august, partly because I was born in august but also because it's summer and summer is the most wonderful time of year to me. I love sunshine and happy summer days. I think my wonderful childhood helped me to appreciate those kinds of things. it's more challenging when you get older to feel those kind of feelings. I will be turning 64. I never thought I would be 64, which is funny but you just don't picture yourself getting older, at least I didn't. but, I still feel young. I wish that I had happier things going on in my life, like a more peaceful, stress-free job, my own home and a garden and a cat. that would make my life 600 % happier, if that's possible.....(I think it is). sometimes simple things can make such a huge difference. even just having a cat could make me happier. they are so comforting and wonderful and soft. a garden of flowers and herbs would bring me peace and beauty and lovely colors and fragrances. I don't ask for much in life, really, but I know Mike and I will get back to those things in life that bring us joy. we keep trying, we keep praying, working, going forward.
I was so sad to hear about Robin Williams. He was such an amazing person with such a gift for lifting people's them a little more joy and laughter than there was before. I think that people who take their own lives just are not able to cope with all the stress and pressure they face. it is really sad because so often they are the kind of people who just amaze and touch us and give us such genius and creativity. I hope he is ok now somehow. he is loved and I hope he knows that, too. I think he does.
my birthday is sunday.......a nice day to celebrate the day I came to earth. I hope it's a good day. I am grateful for my life, especially my family. they are more important to me than anyone or anything. I would love to hear from any of you. haven't gotten any comments on my blog in such a long time. have a wonderful day.