Sunday, October 14, 2007

Working on new film.......

Hello everyone.....
I sure haven't posted anything on my blog in a long time! So sorry for that. Our lives have changed so much since we moved from California. I think we had a lot more time to do fun things when we were there. We work so hard now on our painting job that we just don't seem to have the energy to do as much as we'd like to. We are still working as decorative painters at the Utah State Capital renovation project. It's such hard work! My husband Mike fell about a month ago from some scaffolding and broke his wrist. It was a terrible thing to have happen. He landed on cement and hit his back and wrists and elbows. His back is really starting to bother him now, too. We are definitely starting to think we need to find other jobs.....I think we are just too old for this kind of strenuous work. We have to go up and down stairs and scaffolding all day and it's just a rough environment for us. I really wish I could work around more women in a more feminine atmosphere! I am amazed at how hard the men work there at the capital, though. It is really showing me how persevering men are! I wish our society wasn't so captivated by building such elaborate structures, though! Is it really necessary?
Anyway, I have been missing just having the chance to work on our art. We are excited though about a huge, very important (for us) project we are working on. We are making a children's dvd about our Treehouse and little furniture! We started working with a marketing company about a month or so ago and they are helping us do a tv commercial about the Treehouse. The dvd will be called The Enchanted Treehouse. We've been working with our son, who is a filmmaker and it's been so much fun. I've posted a few pictures from one of our film/photo shoots. We will let you know when the commercial will be out. We will possibly have a 2-3 minute trailer available in a little while. When we have the actual dvd finished, we will announce that as well. It's a wonderful opportunity for us and we've really learned a lot. We'll keep you posted how things are going.
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and that you'll have some time to think about Heavenly Father today and remember him. Sundays are such a special, sacred day to pray, to ponder, read and think about spiritual, uplifting things and to care about others and prepare to make the upcoming week filled with kindness and smiles!!
Take care,