Tuesday, October 22, 2013

how healing is art and the creative soul......

anja mulder
windwrinkle on tumblr
Paul Roversi
vera nilsson
Again, hours spent amazed at what I find on Tumblr.....here are other sites to see beautiful, beautiful art and creativity of all kinds.....
I have so many things I should be working on every day but am so drawn to finding beautiful creativity......it gives me hope and comfort and joy to see how deeply sensitive and creative people are. The world falls apart at every turn, but people still need to do art, to photograph beautiful flowers and children, little cats being silly and places that amaze and leave us speechless. If I couldn't spend a little time each day searching for those things that bring me peace and happiness, I would want to curl up in a cold corner and seek for another world, for that is what beauty gives me.....a world that is filled with lovely light and the voice of a paradise I know is real.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tumblr amazes......

Idris Murphy (both above)
Aren't these lovely, beautiful photos?! I work all day..... I work with adults with disabilities (people with autism, down syndrome, etc.....my husband Mike and I teach art to these talented, misunderstood people) and I can't wait until I can get home, get into my comfortable clothes and sit down at my computer (I am so excited, I have my own new laptop!) and look for wonderful pictures to share with all of you!! I spend hours sometimes looking for beautiful pictures of art, architecture, interior design, gardens, children, nature, animals, films, etc. and it just lifts my heart and my mind so much to find so many incredible pictures. Lately, I've really been finding so many different and inspiring photos on Tumblr. So, many of the pictures above are from the Tumblr sites I mentioned in my previous posts. Hope you'll visit them; they really share some unbelievable pictures.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beautiful art!!!

                                                        carnet imaginaire
idris murphy
Hannah blackman kurz
joseba eskubi
Oscar sabini
maria ekier
polly becker
rose de borman
clotilde perrin
cloudy flowers
elena shumaker
gill watkiss
idris murphy
sarah balme
kyle staver
More wonderful art from such amazing artists!