Monday, June 25, 2007

More beautiful and unique little fairy furniture!

Here are more of my beautiful little fairy furniture pieces.
Will be adding some newer creations soon.
Have a wonderful day!! Debbie

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beautiful Fairy Castle!

More wonderful photographs I found on the web.......

Over the last few weeks, I found these beautiful pictures on different websites. Thought you would really love to see these. Sorry, I don't have the website addresses, but contact me if you want them and I'll try to get them again. I get so busy going through websites, searching for great pictures, I don't always save the website addresses to share. Need to be better about that. But thought you would feel inspired by these beautiful pictures. I was!!
Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Flickr Photo Site!!!!

Hello everyone! I am so excited!! I now have my own Flickr photo site!! I have been wanting to be on Flickr for so long, but just didn't get a chance to work on putting one together, but this morning I finally had some time to create my own Flickr site!!! It's so fun to put it together! Isn't it wonderful, all the opportunities the internet gives us?! Hope you will visit my Flickr site soon! Just go to: Have a fun day!! Debbie

Friday, June 08, 2007

pretty is as pretty dreams......

fluttering, floating, searching for
the valley of the
whispers and the tears
but hidden, deep
the flower's soul,
waits the dreams of another life,
beautiful and lovely
and sweet.
these wonderful photos I found on the internet. so ethereal and mysterious. I admire these photographers so much. Most of these photos I found on the blog:
pretty ribbons i found on Pam Harrison's blog! how colourful and lovely!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My pretty stationary!!

I wanted to share my beautiful stationary with you......I loved making these and have more that I will post tomorrow. Some of the pages have wonderful little drawings that our sons did when they were in grade school. I saved nearly every drawing they did when they were little.......I thought they were so humorous and sweet and artistic! I also added some pictures that I have found over the years that I love for their beauty and charm. Also, many of the pages have my poetry on them as well.
I hope you like them. I am going to put them on my Etsy shop, too, so if you'd like to purchase them, they will be listed there.
I also wanted to tell you that our son Matthew is doing a little better. He had his MRI yesterday and although it caused him a terrible migraine, he got through it without any problems. He should be hearing about the results in a few days, so we are praying that it will not show anything serious. Thank you so much for your wonderful prayers. I am so grateful to you!!! God Bless You!!!