Sunday, December 30, 2012

some more great photos.....

didn't get a chance to list where these pictures came from; will try to do tomorrow. hope you enjoy them. happy new year! let's all try to make 2012 peaceful, caring and happy.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fantastic New Movies!!!!

                                                "Oblivion", sci-fi thriller, looks unbelieveable
"Les Miserables", the most beautiful movie every made! I absolutely loved it!!!

movies can change your life, they can move you to tears, they can bring life to a brighter light. we love movies and hope to make more movies ourselves.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pray for peace

I feel such a sadness after the terrible news of the children in Connecticut. I don't think I've ever heard of anything so terrible, so devastating happening to children. It is sad for everyone really. For children to lose their lives in this way, beautiful little children whose bright, happy spirits undoubtedly brought everyone such joy and happiness. It's just imcomprehensible. The young man who became so totally lost affected millions of people though. The world is not the same. I pray that we will stop this madness by standing up for a more peaceful world. A world without guns and violence. A world where we try to help people more who are feeling lost and confused. We cannot let things like this happen in our world. Beautiful children and adults who showed such incredible bravery. I just pray for everyone that somehow we can heal from this terrible tragedy. But for now, it is so difficult to act as if life is normal, because it is not. We need to make things better, to show more love and try to judge less. We are all children really. God would want us to love one another. Isn't that why we are here?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

what a funny day life is......


sabine weiss

ringo petit atelier
scott bergey

lambert nyc

sheelagh wilson

sprinkling happiness

the drifter and the gypsy

tree collage

vivre tea

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

More new paintings

have these paintings on my etsy shop:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

mix of beauty and amazing style

she had us at hello
she had us at hello


emma cassi

the clutter

the thinking tank

this is a real mixture of photos, but i was just so inspired by all of these pictures. hope you'll enjoy them. beauty is so important in life.....gentle, pure, innocent, childlike, intelligent and artistic beauty!!

Carly Rose Sonenclar.....utterly amazing singer!

    We love watching Carly Rose.....she is so unbelievabley talented!!! The best singer on the X Factor!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

little story

once upon a time, i had cake with giants. they were very furry and nice, not at all like monsters. we sat on the grass where there were millions of fireflies fluttering about. the cake had the smell of fresh eggs and cream and there were candles at first......until we blew them out and made 65 wishes each. the giants carried me around on their shoulders for a while until i got a krinkt neck looking up, i was so amazed.

the cake was so delicious. we all decided to have cake together every tuesday at 3:00, even though we knew it might spoil our supper. the giants loved to smile because most people were afraid of them. so when they saw that i liked them, they were very happy and smiled a lot. i sometimes wished i could have introduced them to my mother and father, but i don't know what they would have said.

one giant whose name was samuel liked snails. he said he could speak their language. he liked them because they were very slow and deliberate. while everyone else rushed madly around, his friends the snails could plod along without a care, for noone really wanted to bother with them.

another giant, he called himself toppin, he liked touching the clouds. he could talk to them, too. the giants seemed to have a way of understanding everyone's language. toppin sometimes jumped very high and could almost soar clear through a cloud. he loved to close his eyes and pretend he was sleeping in the most fluffy cloud he could find.

my favorite giant was ferfer. he was the youngest giant. he was yellow and had fur like feathers, but they weren't feathers. they were something else entirely. he wore a black coat with gold buttons and sometimes  would let me ride in the pocket. ferfer was only 10, just like me. that's why we got along so well.

next tuesday we're all going to have cinammon cake with flower frosting. i am going to bring my spool collection. they will count them for me because they can count really fast. i think i have 200 spools. my mother sewed hundreds of dresses and used hundreds of spools of thread. she gave me the spools and said they were mine. next tuesday at 3:00, i am going to have cake with giants again. i know the sun will be out because the giants said so.

this is a little story i made up. what do you think of it?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

new films.....beautiful and amazing!

Now You See Me, incredible new film
Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away, unbelievable film
Les Miserables, so beautiful, can't wait!
Epic, amazing, wondrous new film....can't wait for this one either!!
Jack the Giant Killer, looks great!
The Impossible, heartwrenching!

here are some wonderful films that i know you will love. we just saw Life of Pi and it was so beautiful. i wanted to go right back and see it again immediately. breathtaking and wondrous!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

life as an artist

grey-blue.....i seem to be drawn to this color. nearly 2 a.m. and i am awake, pondering my future. sixty two years old (or young, i would rather say) and i still don't feel i have found my niche' in this life. i love painting, i love art but i cannot make a living from it. my husband is a wonderful sculptor and painter, actor, humorist, writer, but we struggle so financially, it seems futile sometimes to keep dreaming of being full time artists. i love working with children, they are the closest people to heaven and the feeling of happiness. i would love to work with children to help them express themselves through art....through painting, sculpture, filmmaking, costumes, fashion, singing, many things. i have so many ideas of things to create with them, wonderful images of fanciful murals of vibrant, beautiful color, amazing chandeliers of bright stones that shine with light, quirky and comical costumes and clothing, hats, funny and wonderfully curious. i want so much to fulfill my dreams of making the world filled with wonderful art and creativity in all working with children and being an artist in my own life. i spend so much time trying to find opportunities to teach or to exhibit my art and my husband's art. i am growing tired and discouraged. i have so much art right now in our apartment, the walls cannot hold any more. stacks of paintings, paintings on the walls floor to ceiling, incredible fairy furniture, sculptures, collages, photography, dolls, poetry, children's books, children's films. we create so much but we do not have enough of an outlet for this mass amount of creativity. i wish i could find someone who could mentor us, take us under their wing to present us to the art world (though we have had many incredible opportunities, we still have not reached the best level for our art yet). i wish we could travel and exhibit and create and share and teach. how do we do this? we have tried and tried to create an opportunity for ourselves or find one or find someone who could help us, but we are at a terrible, overwhelming standstill. it is very sad to me, because our art is beautiful, it is stunning and emotional and deep. we do have our art at avam, the american visionary art museum in their current exhibit which lasts until september of next year and it is a magical, wondrous exhibit. but nothing has come of it yet, as far as further opportunities. we are very grateful to avam. they are presenting our work in such a beautiful way. but in the meantime, we are at such a loss as to what to do with the rest of our art. we want so much to be full time artists who can sell their work!! i hope something wonderful will happen soon. we are trying to make that happen. your words would be comforting, if you care to write. so many nights i have woken up to stare off into the black of night, wondering how we can do better to share our art with others.  sleep is all that is left now. i will try to rest from these worries for now, hoping tomorrow will be better. i am grateful, at least, to express what i am going through, hoping my words do not offend or surprise others. art is a difficult life, really, but i cannot imagine my life going in any other direction. it is what makes me happy, truely happy.

Friday, November 16, 2012

blue cosmos, blue cars and long golden hair

anabundance of blog

au revoir les enfants


ensuite blog

elizabeth hamby

house of bliss on blogspot

kamil vajnar

laura carlin

marilyn brown

she had us at hello