Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shops in Portland, Oregon??

Hello dear friends..... We are on our way to Washington state to spend Christmas with my mom and our sons. Am so excited. Haven't seen my mother in a year and a half. But we are stranded in Oregon as the freeway is closed. The Blue Mountains is covered in snow, so we are waiting until the roads are opened again. Hopefully, we will get through soon. We will be stopping in Portland, Oregon and wanted to find some shops and galleries to go to. Was wondering if anyone knew of some wonderful little shops we could go to there? I know there's BonChic Home, but can't remember the other ones. Anyone have some suggestions? Want to find the quaint, quirky, beautiful, unique and wonderful shops that have lovely handmade things.....out of the ordinary. Or scrapbooking stores or galleries. Would be so grateful for you suggestions. Love finding really unusual places. Hope you are warm and safe. Take care, Debbie

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the beautiful spirit of children.......

I found these beautiful photographs on the internet and wanted to share them with you. I am always amazed at how children view the world......so pure and sweet and curious and grateful. They have so much wonder about everything around them.
I hope you are all having a wonderful day. I have found so many other beautiful pictures and will posting them on my blog soon. Hope you'll visit.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Progress and excitement......

I'm Back!!!!!
It seemts like ages since I've spent time on my blog! I can't believe how fast time goes by sometimes. But, today I am under the weather with a cold so have some precious time to write. I have missed hearing from all of you and spending time as well visiting your blogs. I hope you are all feeling the wonderful peace and beauty of this time of year and are encouraged by the kindnesses that reign during Christmas.....if only....
We are nearly finished with our job as decorative painters at the Utah State Capital. It has been a very difficult but interesting experience, working on a construction site, with hardhat, boots and all. But, I am glad we are almost through. I long for gentler, sweeter and more feminine surroundings!!! Sometimes, when I was at work, kneeling on a cold, dusty floor, I would daydream of my pretty little things at home on our windowsil in the afternoon light, sitting peaceably, waiting for me to cherish them. How different the worlds are between men and women sometimes. I see in a way how men who work as laborers appreciate their families so much because they have to work so hard in what they do all day.
I have posted pictures of the beautiful flyer and stationary that our son Matthew made for us for our children's dvd "The Enchanted Treehouse". It is coming along very well. The marketing company that we are working with had a television commercial made (60 seconds) to air on a cable network of our choosing, when we have our dvd actually finished. We also made a 2 minute trailer (with both of our son's help....Matthew directed and edited the trailer and our other son Michael did the music! It's so perfect!) So that is done and it's so fantastic! We are so excited!
Now we are working on the story and should hopefully have the actual dvd done in a month or so and it will be ready to purchase. It will probably be a bout 30 minutes long. We will keep you posted about how everything is going.
We are going to Washington in a week or so to see my mother (who turns 81 today!) and to do some more filming and collecting of natural materials. I am so excited to go back to Washington! I've missed it so much!
Must go now, but hope you are all well and happy. Would love to hear from any of you. Also, here's some sites and other things I thought of sharing.....take care and remember to find one good thing about everyone!!
Amy Butler's Mid-Century Modern
Papier Mache' Treasures by Teena Flanner
Pretty Little Things by Sally Jean Alexander
Vintage Vavoom, by (?)
The Salvage Sisters
Moth (natural journals, wall art, etc.)
Grenouille (design team)
More soon!