Monday, May 23, 2011

oh that i may find a meadow for my home......

oh, that i might find a place filled with flowers, an abundance, a profuse of flowers, as if wild abandon had launched a high and merry dance of flowers in a dancing dream. oh that i could lilt about as if in a dream, to find the flowers whose lives and songs are awake and lively. this would be my dream, this would be my truest home.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


i took these pictures recently, the first two of me, just trying to find a surreal image. i love photography. i am not trained, but just like trying to capture things that inspire me. the other photographs are mine as well, just experimenting./have any of you seen the beautiful movie "Seraphine"? i have watched it so many times. it is such an exquisite movie, so quiet, so inspiring and the way i would love to live. older times in a lovely rural area. i wish we lived in the country in europe. still trying to get us there, soon, i hope and pray.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

diving down through black water......

diving down through black water to find the pearl
the pearl,
a glowing bit of heaven, lost and sorrowing over it's fall to earth
and yet in it's circular shape,
it is filled with a beautiful silkiness, a softness as if just born.
diving down through black water, my soul is the light that guides me.
without light
through the black water, i see nothing, but i know there is more, i know
below there will be the beauty of the sea.....the etchings of lacelike corral, the color
of radiant starfish laying as if asleep on ancient stones
and the silence of gentle seahorses
waiting for the current to carry them along.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A wink and a sleeping cat......

today is an absolutely gorgeous day......finally! we have had the longest winter; everyone was just so anxious for the sun to shine and stay shining! how wonderful. i am so much happier with sunshine than cold, miserable, dark weather. i miss Washington, though. i love it here (in Utah) but i so miss the beautiful green of Washington (where we are from). we keep trying to move back but just haven't found any jobs there, yet. we especially want to move to Portland (in Oregon). it's such a great city!!! anyway, here are some lovely, wonderful pictures for you to help you have a beautiful, happy day. i would love to hear from you.....i miss getting comments; hope you'll let me know how you like my blog. here's where i found these wonderful photos...... Carlota Santamaria, D Hamilton, Fleur Wood Shop, All the Mountains (blog), Kickcan and Conkers (a blog i visit every day without fail!), Gippsland, Hannah's Form, Little Red Fox, Lobster and Swan (blog), The Curious Eye, Vox Populli, Veronika Faustmann