Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Fairy Castle & other Art at Brooklyn Exhibit (More photos of Castle in next 2 posts!!)

Mike and I recently had our Fairy Castle (an amazing house made from nature, 2 1/2 feet tall) and other artwork in an exhibit in Brooklyn, New York. The first picture is of Mike and I with our Fairy Castle at the exhibit. The following four photographs are of our Fairy Castle (be sure to see the two following posts after this one that have many more pictures of the Fairy Castle!!!) Next photo is of Mike's sculptures: "The Soccer Rabbit", "The Director, Daughter" (sold), "Ciero and his little Blue Plane" and "The Travelers". These pieces are made from papier' mache', cardboard, clay and acrylic. The next photo is of the group of pieces from the exhibit, little fairy furniture and characters made from natural and found materials), followed by a detail of that photo./ The following pictures are of each piece individually: "The Woman from the Sea who Lived in the City", "Bathtub for a Forest Elf", "The Tiniest Little Room", "Orin the Orator", "Dressing Table for a Princess", "The Happy Prince's Throne", "Tiny Hobbit Scene", "The Wisp of the Forest", "Mossman", "Throne for the Tallest Elf", "The Smiling Giraffe", "Rueben the Reader", "Hearts and Woven Dreams", "The Winged Dog", "Tiny Bed for a Fairy Princess", "Ivarcinsky the Inventor", "Sunny", "Arnold the Assistant", "Randolph the Russian Dancer & his Son", "Pauline the Poet", "The Forest Writing Desk", "The Chair of Memories", "The Little Lost Bed from the Sea", "Arthur the Artist" and "The Dancing Prince". These pieces are from about 4" tall to 10" tall and are really quite amazing. The following two posts have tons of wonderful pictures of our Fairy Castle!! Be sure to visit those posts, too!

Our beautiful Fairy Castle!! (Be sure to see following post, too: more photos!)

Here are some really wonderful pictures of our Fairy Castle......

The first picture is detail of the kitchen, with the little jars made from pods and a lovely painting. Next: a sculpture in the sculptor's studio. Little fairy slippers. Detail of Art Library with chair, painting, lamp and teacup. Another sculpture in the sculptor's studio. Detail of canopy bed in bedroom showing crystal. Detail of children's playroom with books and little chair with orange slice decoration. Detail of children's playroom with tiny car. Detail of laundry room with washtub and box of elf's wash soap. Next six photos are of various views of castle. Next picture is detail of fossil chair in kitchen. Next six pictures are of full views of the castle. Then, picture of tower. Little shell chair with wheelbarrow and watering can near path. Bedroom. Next three pictures are of living room showing books and other details. Stairways to towers. Chess set made from pods. Tiny perfume and lotion bottles made from sea onions and pods in bathroom. Tower with telescopes. Painting studio. Sculptor's studio with sculpures of ballerinas and face. Painter's Studio. Fairy mailbox with mail and newspaper. All of these furnishings, books, dishes, etc. are made from natural and found materials. There is even so much more amazing detail; the Fairy Castle is truely magical and a wondrous creation to see! Be sure to see the next post, too with more pictures of the Fairy Castle!!!