Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More wondrous blogs and some thoughts.......

again, i have found more beautiful, magical blogs that fill my mornings up with such wonder and excitement......
first 1st picture is of Fiona from "The Secret of Roan Innish". it is my most favorite movie of all time. if you haven't seen it, i know you would fall in love with it, too. it is an irish movie, filled with fairytale feelings and a story that is wondrous, too. i've seen it 20 or more times. i never tire of watching it. it is magical!
the other photos come from.......
vox popoli,
79 ideas (blog),
aurelie alvarez,
brocantess (blog),
open (australian blog),
some other blogs that i have found that are so wonderful.......
manon 21,
jessie chorley,
it followed me home,
la bonne femme,
la pomme stories (etsy),
l'e dans l'a,
ada & darcy,
a thing for (blog),
bohemian vintage,
nectar & light.
i have been working on a new story, trying to work on it every day. what a challenge that is, to be consistent. i so often start a project and then leave it half finished. there is a part of me, though, that feels that is necessary or alright to do, as if i know subconcienciously that at some point i will continue to work on that creation. sometimes i like things unfinished, anyway. we all have a feeling of overworking things sometimes, i think. the most beautiful things are sometimes unplanned, unfinished, underworked, like children do.
i am a nanny for 3 four year olds right now. at first, i wasn't sure i could take care of all of them. they are from 3 different families and are all very different themselves. but we are having the most fun and getting along so well. they are so funny, too. they amaze me. what a great life they have ahead of them. such enthusiasm and humor and light within their hearts. i really enjoy them and am finding that i so look forward to seeing them.
i hope you can spend some time with children. they are such mood changers......if you are sad or upset, they will definitely help you to smile and see the good and beauty in life.
have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

painting, a memory of my childhood.......

painting is a very soft, dreamy and awakening play from childhood. remembering but still veiled, i think of some times around the corners of my happy and filled with such a different person that i was, but still the same, still my heart giggling and running in
the garden.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Some wonderful blogs!!

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

dreams and realities.......

it seems like lately i have had such a difficult depressed and worried about the future, our future. i am so tired, lately, too. this last week, i started having trouble breathing. sometimes, it was terrible, so frightening! especially at night, i almost felt like i was hyperventilating. it might just be panic attacks, but i went to the doctor and had some tests done just to make sure everything is alright. i found out today that the blood tests show i have some sort of slight abnormality. i have to go back tomorrow for more tests. i am hoping it's not something serious. it scares me, though.
i miss my husband so much. we used to be together all the time. we worked together for about 15 years.....on our art, taking care of people and working for people doing their cooking and cleaning. this is the first year in such a long time that we haven't been together all the time. we're trying to find work again where we can be together again.
i can't wait until the spring, too. winter is sometimes so depressing. i miss the sunshine and the warmth of spring and summer.
i need a change so much. sometimes it just feels like life is just not changing enough. the blogs i visit (where all these incredible photos come from) are my life-line to the world. every day, i spend time visiting these lovely places of beauty, inspiration and tranquility. Humor and sweetness, surprise and delight......i find such solace and happiness in the blogs i visit. thank you to all for the beauty you share. i am endebted to each of you for the wonder you give me and how you lift my spirits every day......