Sunday, March 18, 2007

what is important?

in our world today, there are so many events, people, etc. that just make us wonder....... "what is going on??" people just go off the deep end sometimes in this world. it makes me sad and also frightened. we need to remember who we are and why we are here in this world, in this life. we are here to be kind and caring, to be good and honest, to take care of others and not to try to fool people. we are still children in our hearts.......don't we need to act like children......and be we try to teach our own children?! I just see things going on in the world and in people's lives and I wonder, what are people thinking? "just get back to basics", they say. that's not such a bad idea. what is simple is often the easiest to understand and to hold on to. sometimes, i feel like we are all very frightened underneath the adult exterior we show to others. but, really, if we are good to others and let them know that we are trying to live lives of honour and gratitude, maybe we can break some of those walls that we all put around ourselves. just recently, i started talking (emailing and phone calling) my younger brother (who lives in Japan) and it made me so happy, because we hadn't been talking for so long......i never thought i would be like that, (not talk to my own brother), but it happened. we're different so we stay away from each other. how does that work? not very well. i realize that he is my brother and even though we have different life styles, we can care about each other. if we don't, we will still feel thousands of miles away from each other, not like a brother and a sister. i hope that someone reading this understands what i am trying to say. how much time do we all have to really do something worthwhile? doesn't every minute count in this life? i just want the world to be happier, kinder; i just get so tired of hearing the news about war, crime, bad politics and everything else. maybe if we try to pray a little more for good things to happen in the world, maybe they will! i hope you are having a better day and that you feel like praying for the world to have less hunger, less homelessness, less sorrow. what harm does prayer do? none. if anything, it will bless and help someone. i also keep thinking of all the homeless people there are and it just makes me feel like crying. why are there so many? it just isn't right. there shouldn't be any homeless people anywhere; we have so many resources to help them! remember God. He is there, listening. and talk with him. i hope noone is offended by this post. i just feel like sometimes there are more important things in life than even art and crafts and selling things. it is nice to share your feelings about the things in life that matter, don't you agree?

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