Monday, January 28, 2013

My new Etsy supply shop!

German Glass Glitter Letters
Shabby Chic Jeweled Mini Clothespins

Designer Card Making Embellishments

Adorable Buttons

Stylish Metal Trinkets

Adhesive Glitter Shapes

Treasures by Shabby Chic, Designer Gift Tags

I am so excited!! I've had a supply shop on Etsy for a while and it's been going very well. I have scrapbooks
and sewing patterns, build a bear kits and designer cards. Recently, I've added wonderful scrapbooking and craft supplies as well as sewing supplies and other pretty things. Hope you'll visit my new shop! Here's the link:

I have been having trouble, though, adding the link or the actual view of the shop to my blog on blogger......where you can see 8 thumbnails of items from you Etsy shop and there's a clickable link to the shop. Can anyone tell me how to do that? I can't remember how. I think it has something to do with html or configuration. Would be very grateful for your help if you know how to do that. Thanks so much.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

more happiness in the world......

lost in fiber, blog (had forgotten all about this incredible blog; when i remembered it, i was so happy because it is a really fantastic place to see beautiful pictures. hope you'll visit it, too.
this is albert cullum. we saw a wonderful documentary years ago about him. he was
a teacher and used great innovative and imaginative ideas in helping children learn and
express themselves. i love that kind of teaching.

the amazing bubble, a part of childhood at any age

from the blog concrete and honey. i used to grow these, they
are such beautiful, delicate flowers    love this

from the blog teistmoodimarika

this looks so cute!

from the blog la vie est belle.....i wish i could have lived to see this man and
his adorable musical cart. someone should do
this now in our time.....he's selling lemonade
or perhaps milk. so precious.....

from lambert's blog, this is incredible; i love birds

manon gauthier, incredibly talented artist!

i love this beautiful cat! orange and white, my favorite! we used
to have a cat that would sleep on our work table, too.

artist marilyn browning
such a beautiful painting!

from the blog pearls and empty rooms

it's amazing how much beauty is in the world. i just wish we could hear more about what's good in life instead of such bad news, such negative things.....we don't really need to hear those things. life could be much happier if we could focus on what's inspiring and lovely and beautiful. we have been watching Downton Abbey on PBS and have loved it so far, but it seems lately, the story is becoming filled with such tragedy and negativity. Sybil, the daughter, dying was just too much! i kept thinking.....why did the writer make such a sorrowful and terrible part of the story? couldn't he just have let her have her beautiful baby and things could have been happy and wonderful?! i realize sad things do happen in life but don't we have enough of all that in real life? if i could have written for Downton Abbey, i would have told a much brighter, happier and calmer story. i just believe that we need to have more happiness in the world, really.
what do you think?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Our son Matthew (who is a filmmaker/editor) has been working on a fundraising project on Kickstarter for a great new video game for mobile devices. It's called the Halfling Wars. If you donate $6.00 you will have a chance to win the free mini ipad! Just go to: and sign up for the ipad. Then if you go to and type in Halfling Wars in the search bar, you'll get to the site where you can pledge the $6.00 or whatever amount you want! You'll actually have a chance to receive tons of really cool products related to the game, depending on the amount you pledge! Kickstarter is an amazing fundraising site and Halfling Wars is a great video game so hope you'll visit the site and help support this great project. Whatever amount you donate you'll receive tons of great things for your support. Also, our other son Michael who is a composer is working on some music for the video game that he will submit to hopefully be chosen for the game! So, lots of great things going on with our sons!
Thanks so much!

Be sure to see the previous post! I've shared some really beautiful pictures along with the sites where I found them!! Would love to hear from you! Comment if you like the pictures of have any other thoughts to share!

So beautiful!!!

anna silivonchik
anne crahay
anne crahay
anne crahay
au revoir les enfants
bateaux de papier
the wonderful artist, Bonnard
camilla engman......this is so fantastic, my favorite photo on this post!
painting by chagall
artist, David Lafrance
ici et maintenant......this makes me miss the ocean so much!!!
from just three things blog
kristin vestgard, the most incredible artist! i love her paintings!
la casita
maison paulette

i haven't been able to post on my blog for so long; was having trouble getting the photo upload icon to show up. tried using my husband's computer and it worked, so finally have a chance to share some great pictures with you. hopefully i'll be able to get the pictures to upload on my own computer. hope you'll enjoy these.

Monday, January 21, 2013