Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the green leaves talk in our language.......

hidden, somewhere in a glade of light and darke, quiet shadows......but above the mountains, high in the treetops, the green leaves
talk in our language.
the winter's night of sleep that endless as it wears our hearts to the ground, has disappeared, has lightened into a hidden land, a secret land, a land, nowhere to be found, but as it slips back into the light, we remember it......the winter.
but now, the leaves speak in our words......
they use our tones and our quiet whisperings and songs......
if we do not hear the leaves, our hearts are filled with too many clatterings and hinderings.
the g r e e n green leaves shiver and dance so gently in a breath of a wind, in a solitary shaft of movement, not quite a breeze, but a lilting and a softening.
the green
the green
by me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New characters, paintings, booth.......

here are some new pieces, characters.......some pictures of our art booths at shows, etc. we have so many ideas!!!!
(can click on pictures to see them better)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

My mom.......

As this is Mother's Day, I wanted to share some pictures of my Mom. She is a wonderful person, a wonderful Mom and such a special person. I really miss her. She lives in Washington state and we live in Utah. It's been a year and a half since we've seen her. My husband Mike and I are trying to move back to Oregon or Washington so that we can see her more often. I miss spending time with her. My mother loves to laugh. If I tell her something funny, she just laughs so loud. I remember a long time ago, years ago, before I was married, so over 30 years ago, one time my Mom and I went to a movie together. I think that was probably the only time we ever did go to a movie together, other than going to the drive in theater (in our pajamas) as a family.....(well, just my brother and I were in our pajamas!) Anyway, my Mom and I were watching the movie and my Mom kept laughing so loud at everything. She was laughing louder than anyone else in the theater. I was so embarrassed. My Mom just laughed at me. So I slumped down in my chair so noone would notice. Now, I look back at that and just laugh! She just was having fun and she loves life!! (That's my Dad, too!)
My mother is a musician. She sings and plays the piano, composes, directs operas (she was an Opera Singer professionally, too when she was younger......) She loves to sew, cook, make things, and just is the funnest mom ever!!
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers......and everyone who has a "mothering heart"
Here's some pictures of my Mom......her name is Barbara Poulshock.

Friday, May 07, 2010

The joy of life.......

there are many things that make people happy. thank goodness for those things......the laughter of children, the beauty of color, the sweetness of animals. this week i found so many wonderful pictures on my favorite blogs and some new ones that i happily discovered as well. it makes me sad in a way, though, that i am not living the life that i dream about so much. i want so much to do the things that make me happy and for my husband and i to have the kind of life we dream about. i hope somehow those things can happen......simple things really.......
having our own little house, a garden, a cat, a little shop to sell our beautiful art in, friends, the ocean, trees.......we never wanted a fancy house, but something rustic, simple and lovely. An orange cat with long fluffy hair and green eyes. To make our wonderful children's movies, write poetry and books for children, sculpt, paint, create our little fairy furniture......and especially go for long walks and gather pretty twigs and leaves and flowers. nature is the most inspiring thing to me of all. i miss it, we live in the city and i can't believe how lonely people look here, including myself. we'll get out to the country......that is our dream.
i hope your dreams come true........

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wish more people would comment on my blog.......

Hello everyone.......
Kind of a gloomy, over cast day here. The weather has been so cold lately and it's already May. I can't wait for it to get warmer; I'm so tired of winter. I wish we could live somewhere that has nice, mild, wonderful weather.......does such a place exist? Anyway, I hope your springtime is nicer than what we are having here.
I really wish more people would comment on my blog. I hardly ever get comments. It makes me sad because that is part of the reason I have a blog......because I love hearing from people so much. I work as a Nanny two days a week and although I love the children I take care of, I really miss being with adults, just to talk and feel like I am a part of things. I get so lonely sometimes; being by myself so much isn't good. I'm trying to find a job, but nothing yet. There's so many things I would enjoy doing......would love to work in the arts somehow, of course, but I would even love working in an office, if it was an interesting environment. Or working at a book store, a gift shop.......just can't seem to find anything. So, I hope you'll leave some comments on my blog always cheers me up. Hope you have a wonderful day!!
(photo from the blog "beauty comma"). I love this picture. It's so wonderful to have a friend.