Monday, August 29, 2011

Perhaps Brad Pitt's best performance......

Brad Pitt is an amazing actor. I loved him in Benjamin Button. He's so believeable in every part he plays; he's very versatile and seems to adapt to each character he well. This looks like a great film. It's about baseball, which I love and it's based on a true story, which is even better!

"The Tree", incredible new film

Charlotte Gainsbourgh is one of my most favorite actresses. She is very different and really chooses unusual films. I haven't seen all of our movies; some I would rather not see, but I do think I would love this movie. I love trees and this story sounds very spiritual. Can't wait to see it!

Magical commercial

i love this commercial.....very creative and magical!

Haley Reinhart singing "Like a Star"

Haley is such a talented girl. We followed her on American Idol and really loved her voice and personality and great spirit. The way she sings this song is really touching; she is so child-like and sweet. Hope she never loses that in her career.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

An inspiring film about learning!

i can't wait to see this film. it looks so inspiring and filled with hope. it really teaches me that we are never too old to learn. also i think this film shows that we should have open hearts and minds to others.....who we might not think have value, but it is a terrible thing when we don't see the worth of the another person. we all are important in life and have so much to give and to share. this film will really touch your heart. it is beautiful.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

we are held on by delicate threads.......

a white, melting star that falls from a lake of tiny diamonds,
it talks to clouds and snow and wonders why the grass always wanats to dance. but blue, dark skies peer from the lake and find the night as it walks in it's is dreaming of a cool night.
i remember a pink dress, wonderful and light and beautiful. it swirled with me as i danced in the flowers.
pieces of tattered lace, tiny threads and beads so delicate and glistening, i felt as if i were in a princess land.
bright faces, children laughing....hiding,
silly afternoons,
dreams divine and eloquent.
running through light,
sleep and rest in a quiet, darkened lovely room where sounds were like a language from another land.
walk in shoes that bring back stars from diamonds.
threads, threads.....the tiniest most precious threads that touch our hands and souls with heaven, remembering a garden so beautiful and pure.
a child whose heart is like a bird.
the brightness of the sun in my hair as i dance about a room of flowers and trees.
the lovely glimmer of hope and joy....
as i see the love, nearly invisible but speaking to me, a locket of eden.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

i am still the child i've always been......

i love being happy. when i am happy, nothing else really matters. my birthday was the other day and it was so wonderful. my friends were there and my family, except for my mom and our other son. i feel like part of me is missing because i miss them so much. it seems like a crime that i haven't seen my mom or my son in so long. i ask sometimes, why is that? what is going on? why can't i see them? it's always because we don't have enough money. it is so frustrating. i wish i could just get in our car and drive to see them, whether we have the money or not. life shouldn't be like that. money shouldn't make people have to miss their loved ones so much.

our son is a wonderful young man. i miss him so much. and my mom is so special, too. i just keep praying and praying that we can see them soon. the child in me that keeps going is still there, not giving up. i won't give up on my dreams, especially to see our son and my mom, really soon.

Friday, August 12, 2011

More new paintings and sculptures!!

these are some of our new paintings......the first group are by my husband mike. all the sculptures are done by mike and his last painting is the undersea scene in turqoise and pink colors, which i think is so beautiful. the paintings after this one are mine. we've really been doing a lot of art lately and love working on it. actually, three of the paintings mike and i collaborated on.....the one with the high mountain and little trees and billowy clouds. it's in dark blues. also the large ones that are very chagall-like, we worked on those together. would love to know what you think of our new pieces!!