Monday, January 30, 2012

Fantastic movie!

absolutely can't wait to see this!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beautiful videos of our enchanted little fairy furniture!

i made these video clips recently of our little fairy furniture and set them to beautiful music, cello and violin;
it's so lovely. i love watching them. i hope you will enjoy them, too. would love to know what you think.....
if you would like to see more of these pieces, just go to my etsy shop at: sunflowerhouse. you can purchase pieces there as well.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

More beautiful pictures......

hello everyone. i love sunday because it is such a quiet day. people are more relaxed and not so stressed, hurrying to work, thinking about worldly things. i really appreciate how sunday is a day when people slow down, they are more thoughtful about their lives and listen quietly more to what's going on. i can hear the lovely birds outside singing and wish i could be out there with them. we do not live in a very green area.....there are lots of trees but in my heart, i am always longing to be where everywhere you look there are green hills and trees and lovely brooks and the feeling of space. i like cities but i don't really like living in a city. i would love so much to live in england or ireland, out in the country in a little cottage on a farm. my spirit just feels so confined here. we are trying to find a beautiful place to live. i would love to have a beautiful garden again and a little orange, long haired cat with beautiful eyes. cats are so healing and comforting. they are so sweet. we cannot have a cat where we live and that just breaks my heart. so, we are trying to find a better life, a life where i can go outside to a lovely yard and enjoy my beautiful flowers.....tall hollyhocks that are so delicate and pretty, colorful cosmos, fluttering in the soft breeze, little nasturtiums, silly and fragrant. there is no yard here when i can walk out and feel close to nature in a quiet, wonderful way. i think people need that in this life.....they need the peace of nature and the beauty to heal our souls.

i've shared some photos today that i hope you will like. i try to express beauty and softness in the pictures i share. i am so grateful to all these artists and creative people who find lovely things to impart to us. isn't it such a precious thing that people love what is beautiful and inspiring and lovely?

have a lovely day.......

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm so excited! I have new cards available on my Etsy shop!!

I am so happy! I have new cards of my art work on my Etsy shop. It was so fun to create these. My husband and I have created so many works of art, we are excited to offer our work now in photo cards. So, I hope you'll visit my Etsy shop at:

Monday, January 23, 2012

One of the best artists on Etsy!!!

the other day, i found this incredible artist on Etsy. her name is Kathleen Sawyer and her shop is called Local Wisdom Cards. she lives in Stowe, Vermont and her work is phenomenal! she creates collages and adds the most wonderful quotes i have ever read. i didn't see even one card that i didn't like.....each one is beautiful, unique and wonderful! i really hope you will visit her Etsy shop......

she has been so successful.....she sells on Etsy and has had tons of sales but also sells her wonderful collaged cards to over 700 shops and museums all over the world. i am just amazed at her beautiful is breathtaking. be sure to read her story......about how she started her business (in her profile); it's very interesting.
i was so excited to find her work; i know you will love it; it's very special!!

Wonderful film about a French piano restoration artist

yesterday, i found this incredible film clip about a frenchman who restores old and rare pianos; he actually builds pianos as well. i was very touched by this video because i come from a long line of musicians in my family. my father was a jazz painist, composer, violist and also taught music all of his life and directed orchestras as well. my mother, who is still living, was an opera singer, classical pianist and voice teacher and now at the age of 85, still teaches music, composes, directs community choirs and performing groups and still plays the piano beautifully. my grandfather was a studio musician in hollywood; he played all the woodwind instruments and was actually in the dave rose band who worked for bing crosby, red skelton, phil harris and others. so i really have a ton of music in my genes. my brothers are also musicians and composers and i also play the piano and love to compose. i also love singing and have played many instruments in my life.....violin, clarinet, oboe, flute and the harp, but i love playing the piano the most. i really feel i have a spiritual person from some place else who guides me in my composing.....

but what really made me want to see this video was that my grandfather was a piano tuner (in his retirement) and i used to watch him tune pianos. i was amazed at how he would listen so intently to the sounds and was so focused on what he was doing. this is a beautiful little film and i was very touched by it. i hope he is training someone to carry on his great gift of preserving these incredible instruments!!
La Mer de Pianos from Films & Things on Vimeo.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The thoughts of a little kitten......

this photo just touches my heart.....i so wish we could find a little kitten just like this one. it is so precious. i wonder what she is thinking? all alone, but seemingly content with her thoughts. such a beautiful little spirit. i miss having a cat so much; it breaks my heart. that is what keeps me going.....knowing that i just have to find a precious little kitten like this one, so we can be happy! we love animals. do you have a cat? would love to see pictures of your cat.....anyone who would care to share them.

have a wonderful weekend. we're going to a gallery stroll with some friends, can't wait; it will be so fun.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our precious little new granddaughter Aunika!!

this is our adorable little granddaughter, (our first grandchild!!!) little Aunika! Isn't she precious?! our son Matthew and his wife Brittnee are the happy parents.....she is their first child as well, so they are very blessed! little Aunika is so beautiful and sweet! we love her so much! and of course our son and his well as our other son and his wife, too! family is the most important part of life, for sure!!!

misskym on etsy

russian photo site

My blog is such a sanctuary and such a place of escape for me......and happiness! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't share these beautiful photos with you, but also searching for them is what makes me really happy, too. I just am always so excited when I find a really beautiful picture and know that I can post it on my blog to share with everyone who visits here. I am truely grateful for all of you.....whoever you are and thank you for following my blog. I only wish I could hear more from people who visit my blog. Especially now, that my husband and I are having such a difficult time finding work. We spend so much time at home, looking for jobs online, but also of course get out to actually apply at places, too. But, I just miss having a job where I can visit with people and feel a part of everything. Would love to hear from you all......anyone. Applying for jobs is absolutely the least fun thing to do......I just can't wait til I can just find work and not have to go through the job finding process anymore!!

Anyway, I hope you are having a really wonderful day! Keep smiling and looking for things that make you happy and share that with others......everyone can always use more happiness!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gratitude for the true beauty of the soul.....

elaine schwartz photography
elizabeth hamby tumblr

how are you, dear friends? winter is sometimes so difficult. i miss spring and summer so much......just the sunshine and the chance to walk outside more. it's very cold here and it snowed a little as well. i have been looking for work but have not found anything yet. i would love to find a job in a preschool or working with children somehow. children make me so happy; just to be with them is wonderful! i hope your week is going well. i would love to hear from anyone.....mike and i have been spending so much time at home lately. he is looking for a job as well. it is very difficult to not get discouraged because jobs are so hard to find. i know many people are in the same situation, so that makes it a little easier to cope with this, but i hope we can find something soon. have a good day......thank you for visiting my blog. i appreciate those who do......