Sunday, October 28, 2012

A little beauty to bring peacefulness to your heart

hello neest blog


clic par hasard, blog

abundance, blog


liberty store

kamil vojnar
joy laville, such a wonderful artist

with all the political campaigning going on and the nervousness people feel in our country today with the uncertainty of the future, i hope these pictures will give you some peace and calmness. i really feel it is one of the most important campaigns ever and it is so crucial that we vote but more importantly, that we really know the facts and think for ourselves. we need to listen to our hearts and our spirits when we decide who to support because our world is in such a terrible place right now, we need to be led by someone who is honest and forthright with the people of our country. god bless us all that we will listen to our hearts. i hope and pray that the world will become calmer, more peaceful and more caring.

Monday, October 22, 2012

More beautiful art!

anna silviaonchick

anna silviaonchick

from the art room plant blog

Arturs Akopjans
(photos above & below)

cathie joy young

ira deshalyt

josie eastwood

laura carlin

pennysartloft on etsy

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Incredible fashion

little blue deer


clic par hasard

les zigouis

laprincess au petit pois

julia hetta

manouche-manouchette on over blog

paade mode

paolo roversi

papier' mache' magazine

periwinkle bloom




i love fashion and am so drawn to beautiful, unusual clothes and designs. These photos make such a stunning, amazing statement about beauty and elegance, experimental creativity and imagination. i really love these photos and am so inspired by the magic they express.



Sunday, October 14, 2012

art is what helps us remember that funny child we once were

aisya ang, artist on etsy

venus and furs

SadaArt on Etsy

sheelagh wilson

scott white
valerio hidali

yukiko kani
from kickcan and conkers
livia stein......amazing, love this!!
                                                                 art is what hides in the heart, colors swing and dance in an empty space to speak a language that has been forgotten, except in the minds of children. they look at us from across a huge divide, speaking to us spiritually. they speak. we watch, wonder, listen and try to remember.