Friday, March 23, 2007

Pretty things........

Want to share these pretty pictures with you.
The first three pictures are copies from different books I love. The first picture is of a painting. Not sure who the artist was. The woman in this picture looks so melancholy, but beautiful. I love that time period so much. Women could look so feminine then. I love the next picture. Such an abandoned looking place, filled with memories and feelings. The next picture......the lilly pads are so delicate and pretty. When I was a little girl, we lived in Garden Grove, California. We had the most wonderful home and gardens there. There was a beautiful fish pond with lilly pads and flowers. I remember standing there as just a little girl, watching the orange fish dart about in their little space. I always thought that fish pond was so beautiful and mysterious.
The next picture is of one of my newer collages. Lots of things going on in this picture!!
The last picture is so pretty, a little bed in the flowers. The sunlight was so pretty then.
Hope you are having a really beautiful day and are happy!!!

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