Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have fun! It's so important to have fun in your life!!

I heard not too long ago that one of the most important things in life.......is to have fun! When I really thought about that, I realized that is so true! How wonderful it is when we are happy, when we laugh and smile and enjoy the company of our friends or family or people we just meet, if only for a few minutes. Life is so beautiful, filled with so many wonderful people and places. It IS important to enjoy this life, to have fun and be happy! I hope you have happiness in your life. I need to have more fun, more joyful times. Smiling can make such a difference! Debbie

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

winds and sunshine, friends from far away......

i really miss the ocean. it seems like when i feel sad or alone......the ocean is often what comes to my mind. there is such a mystery and serenity about the sea. i like that we do not completely understand it.....it leaves an unsolved beauty for us in it's unexplained spirit. i miss being outside. too often, i spend hours indoors, finding myself looking out the window to the world beyond the door. but i need to live somewhere beautiful......a place that inspires me, makes my life feel wondrous and curious and alive. i hope i can find the motivation and the energy to find that beautiful, ethereal, wonderful place i dream of so often. england......france, or ireland, or even just some quiet cove by the sea where i can walk along the shore and think of all the places the waves have been. i would love to travel. the world is such an amazing place. why stay in one place and miss it all? debbie

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Doll.....

This is a new doll that I made for my mother last Christmas. She really loved it. My husband sculpted the face, hands and feet, I made the rest of the doll, painted her face and toenails, too. She is so cute. I spent hours and hours working on this doll; it was so much fun and I was thrilled with out it turned out. I am really starting to enjoy making dolls. This one is pretty tall, about 10" tall. She is an artist, with her apron of supplies and little odds and ends and her palette and brush.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

lovely, beautiful......breathtaking

i haven't posted any photographs lately on fashion and beauty, so here are some more pictures of pretty things that i found on the net. let me know if you'd like the links..... debbie