Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wonder and daydreaming

What happens to our tears when they fall? Do birds gather them up and take them to God? When the wind blows through your hair, is that the language of heaven? When a flower grows, does it talk to the soil and the rain? When we sleep, do the children from the memories of our childhood come and talk with us? How is it that children are able to look at people for so long and not be embarassed? What happens to adults to make them forget how to be a child? Between sleeping and waking, what is that place we find ourselves in, that makes us feel like our dreams are so real? Cats and children......they can look right through you, but aren't they really looking at you...... who you really are? Why is it that clouds make us feel so happy and comforted? What is more important.......to see the ocean or see someone smile? If you were asleep in a beautiful garden, what kind of flowers would you want to be near? Walking in the woods on a quiet, beautiful day, what would be the song that you would create of your very own? I hope we will listen to the children around us and really hear the beauty and wisdom that they speak with. And I hope we will listen to the child within us and let that child be alive and happy in us as well. How wonderful to be a child.


sushiawenka tidira said...

In my garden i made a little lepricoinvillage. I told them of your beautiful art and the tiny furneture. If they could travel they would have come on vacation.
Since they can not, they ask me to tell everything about everything you make. Thats why I visite your site often and enjoy it very much.
So from me and the little lepricoins in my garden, we say thank you for the joy you spread.

Sunflower said...


I was so touched by your comments. I can't even begin to tell you how much your words meant to me....that I what I want to do most....to help people feel the gentleness in life, to help people feel like little children again. In some ways, it is so tragic that we all grow up, but if we can remember how we felt as little children and keep that joy and innocense and tremendous clarity of creativity, we can be happy people. I went to your blog and it looks so beautiful, but I do not understand German (you are German, aren't you? I am half German!!) I will need to find a way to translate your blog. I also couldn't get to your website for some reason. I would love to be able to write to you....can you send me your email address?
God bless you for you wonderful kindness....I am so glad that you have a leprichon village and a wonderful garden!!!

Hope to hear from you soon,
Debbie Schramer

sushiawenka tidira said...

your answer was a great surprise to me. It is indeed so that i feel like a child when i am in the vilage of the little one's.
I am not aware of the time anymore.I feel pure happiness when I play there. When I look at your beautyfull work I can imagine that you also forget everything around you while you play. I am also half German but I live in Holland and my blog is written in Dutch. My email address is: kikybos@tiscali.nl
The blog you visit talks mainly about a book I translated from Englisch into Dutch (although my Englisch is not perfect) It is a book from Jamie Sams, a native American woman. de titel is 13 original clanmothers.
But I have an other blog and thats maybe nice for you to visit. the name of that blog is kabouterdorp.punt.nl
a kabouter is a leprichon and there I have started to tell stories about the village. You have inspired me to go one whit it. Thank you very much for your kind words, and may God bless you to. my real name is Kiky Bos