Monday, November 13, 2006

Life is curious and beautiful

I am having so much fun working on my blog and have been so excited and happy to hear from so many people this last week after Ulla put a post about me and my fairy art on her blog Ullabenulla. Thank you so much for writing to me! I hope to hear from more of you and will definitely write you back. My husband and I are very excited that so many of you are so interested in our new book coming out soon...."The Toymakers Dream of Fairycastle Corner". We are working on it very hard to get it finished as soon as we can. Anyone new, let us know if you would like to have your name put on the list for people interested in the book! I wanted to start sharing some wonderful books and shops and other information that I have found over the years that I thought you would all be interested in. It will definitely be an ongoing list as I am always looking for wonderful places and books to read. I hope you will be sure to check my links list as I just added a ton of them the other day and will be adding more all the time. Here's a few of my favorite shops: Burnt Sugar in Seattle, Washington Nest in San Francisco, California Anthropologie (everywhere!) Between Friends in Astoria, Oregon Tail of the Yak in Berkeley, California Souvenir in Seattle, Washington Lucca Great Finds in Seattle, Washington Shabby Chic in many cities! Bell'ochhio in San Francisco Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach, California I am so grateful for people who have such beautiful and enchanting places to go to so that we can all have so much beauty in our lives!! Someday, Mike and I want to have our own wonderful little shop......Fairycastle Corner. That's what our story is about! It's a wonderful, magical story!! Keep smiling and find some flowers to take a nap by!!

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