Thursday, November 23, 2006


In God's land, the flying sunrays touch the trees hands and feet with winter rain. God walks along Russian rivers, singing to the nightengales and the little children who play on the river sand. God hides tiny presents for the Chinese swallows. He hides them in the magnolia blossoms in the wintertime. Summer he waits. When the comet from the tidal waves.....streaks into view in our summer skies, God lights his candles in the church of the forest. God sings in his church. God dances in his church. God lives in his church, called the Universe. His children are every living thing you and I see. The stars watch God every night and sing lullabyes to him as he smiles upon the world. God is ever kind. He is always mindful of us and his raccoons. He loves his deer. He loves those who love his deer. Each day God's prayers are held within glass memories, as he watches us and waits for us to send him a letter. l l l l l l l l l l l l l l I wonder if God ever dreams . . . . I wonder if God dances sometimes. I wonder if God comes to us at night when we are sleeping and sits by us as we dream . . . . does he travel to other planets . . . . other galaxies? can he talk to the birds? can he heal a deer who has fallen? I know God loves horses . . . . he runs wildly with them when a storm begins. God lays on the grass and watches the clouds move furiously about, creating a new picture for him. he walks sometimes . . . . quietly thinking of all the river stones and the leaves that flutter and fall before winter. God's eyes are filled with the universe. In his eyes are all the creations he has made. His hands have within them all the mornings he created, all the black nights he flung across the sky.

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