Friday, November 03, 2006

The Beauty of Life in Art

Beauty is so important to our spirits. To have beautiful art, music, literature, landscapes, design, architecture.....around us is healing and uplifting. We need the inspiration of beauty and delicateness, gentleness and tenderness to help us walk through this life.....or dance through this life. The child within each of us is filled with great hopes and dreams, still, even if we are older than a child. As an artist, my greatest dream is to share the beauty I see and feel within myself with others and to help them see what beautiful people, what beautiful "children" they are. I create with greatest inspiration. Delicate and amazing flowers, lush green mosses, leaves that are every shade of colour during the fall and so bright green in the spring.....stones, roots, branches......there are so many amazing creations in nature. I am truely inspired by what I see in the natural world. Nature can heal each one of us. This is a beautiful work of art created completely from nature that my husband and I made. It is a Fairy Castle or Nature Treehouse as we also call it. It is an amazing creation. It is 5'x 4' and has 14 rooms all furnished with little chairs, beds, tables, cradles, shelves, etc. made from branches, flowers, mosses, driftwood and many other wonderful materials from nature. There are stairways that waunder all throughout the Fairy Castle; there are sculptures, paintings, books, dishes, musical instruments.....all made from the natural world. At the very top is an amazing observatory with an easel for painting, a sculptural work in progress, flowers, and a view out into a wonderful imaginary world. This is a magical, enchanted creation.....for the child in each one of us.

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Ulla said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How exciting! I sure hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do! What a treat... I will add you to my lists, and of course post about you very very soon!!! (I promise!)