Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Fairy Castle

The first picture here is of a little chair and table in the library/music room. There is a little mandolin to the left......made from bark and pods and little books made from handmade paper on the shelf to the right. To see the rest of the library/music room, just go to my website.....(link below). There are little sculptures, a tiny trumpet and many other books. The next picture is of the kitchen in our wonderful Fairyhouse. (We also call it our Fairy Castle or our Nature Treehouse, too). There is a full view picture of the Fairyhouse in one of my posts below. Our Fairyhouse is so beautiful and is filled with so many amazing details.....it is completely made from nature......here you can see the interesting driftwood pieces, the intricate stone floor, the shell sink filled with little dishes made from different kinds of pods.....and my favorite part of the kitchen......the little stove, on the left......made from bark, branches, moss and little flat stones for the stove burners. You can click on this picture to enlarge it, but can also see many more pictures of the Fairyhouse on my website (www.artmajeur.com/debbieschramer). I also paint, do collages and photography as well and there are many beautiful works of art in these mediums on my site.

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Ulla said...

These are great photos! Did you just take them? You should have a big link to your site on the side column! LOVE IT!!! And Yes, I really like the new look, great green color and clean layout....!