Sunday, November 26, 2006

Friends, Memories, Paris and Souls

(the picture above)
"the night's eyes talk to me as if it were dreaming from it's soul". This card speaks to me of gallentry and beauty,
of dreaming, wondering, traveling in one's imagination to other beautiful places. "Hidden in the garden, in the deep and breathtaking woods, the enchanted princess found her secret place to dream and left her winter land of waiting, to find the garden she had remembered from her beautiful childhood". (the picture right) This is a beautiful little chair that I made called "Isabella Loved Paris". I love this little chair so much. It is very delicate and pretty, made with so many wonderful details......thin, curled wire and tiny wild clematic tendrils, very old lace and fabric, handwritten words, tiny petals from larkspur flowers......when I see this sweet little princess throne, I think of traveling to Paris and living in a little cottage on a wonderful bohemian, artistic street where there are old shops filled with interesting books and amazing creations, restaurants where people would rather stay and talk and eat wonderful food, than go home. When I see this little chair, I think of when I was a little girl, running along the ocean's waves and sleeping on the sand. Even then, I think I was dreaming of going to Paris. I know there is something about this enchanted, historical place that will someday fill my heart with incredible wonder and joy!! This little chair took me to Paris and I loved my dreams and my imagination. (the left) "Friends and Memories".....this painted photo collage is very special to me. I loved working on it. It was definitely a wonderful process to go through to create this picture. A small antique rabbit and a discarded lion toy became adventures for me into my wonderful childhood memories. I had a blissful, happy childhood.....we lived by the sea and dwelled in a tiny, funny cottage that had rooms that waundered this way and that. The ceilings were odd as well as the stairway. I remember falling asleep on the couch while my mother and father would play jazz and classical music with their other musician and artist friends long into the night. I would be half-sleeping, half listening to their happy laughter and talking, reminiscing and singing. In this picture are little momentos of my childhood......the little black ice skate was from a tiny German doll that I had as a little girl. My mother had bought me three little German musician dolls, but one day our dog chewed one of them and the little black skate remained by itself. Velvet flowers, a tiny glass bottle with a jeweled top, pretty coiled wire, a green patinad metal leaf crown......all precious objects that I cherish and hold on keep my heart gentle and child-like. Painting this picture and adding oil pastels made me think of every colour, every kind of artistry and music......colour blends all creativity in it, all gestures of beauty and expression. This picture reflects the beauty I see in this life, this the souls of people around me and of those who I do not know but see and observe with great admiration and appreciation. Art can help us admire others and feel gratitude for their being alive and present in our lives.


tlc illustration said...

It's great to have/create art that has so many deeply personal connections and meanings. They add layers and layers of feeling and emotion.

That chair is my favorite.

She Who Flies said...

Your "Isabella Loved Paris" chair is so exquisite, like all the pictures of your fairy furniture I've seen so far. Your artwork, like your writing, speaks of delicacy, gentleness and vivid imagination.

Blessings from
Chantal qui aime aussi Paris

Sunflower said...

Thank you so much Tara and Chantal. I love my little chair "Isabella Loved Paris", too; it is definitely one of my favorites.
I try to express gentleness, kindness, softness and mystery, too in my work. I think we need more beauty of this kind in the world. There is so much beauty that needs to be brought out in people; the kind of beauty that is filled with goodness and child-like innocense.

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I love hearing from you!