Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some thoughts about the new year.....2012

it's exciting......a new year right around the corner! for some reason, this new year feels more important to me than other years. i want to make some progress in my life, make some changes, be happier, be kinder, be more aware of the really important things, help people more and be more humble. so i've decided to share some thoughts about 2012......what we can do to make it a better year. even if it's just for me, that's fine, but if these ideas help you, that would be great, too. i hope this next year will be really wonderful for you!
things to do to make 2012 better!

1. see the beauty in others.....feel the joy in their lives and help those who are happy enjoy that happiness!
2. be creative and use your imagination! we are all still children at heart and have so much potential to create amazing, wondrous things! seek to share beauty and thrilling, amazing art!
3. ponder and think about life......this world is so amazing and beautiful. to be alive is such a gift, a gift we are each given when we come into this world. take time to look around you and absorb the beauty and intricacy of life, of people, of animals, of the energy that we all have.
4. give. share the love in your heart. even a little flower, a smile, a gesture of understanding; anything given in love can heal and comfort. love given is love accepted. give happiness.
5. be honest, be yourself. you are unique and wonderful. be who you were destined to be.
6. be there for others. be a friend and a helper. love is kindness, gentleness, sweetness and joy.
7. be silly.....have fun, laugh, giggle, be funny, help others to find their hidden, wonderful sense of humor. humor can change the world!!!
8. dance, jump, run around, roll down a hill, run fast, skip......move and express life through yourself! share the joy of your self with others and help them to be happy, too.
9. appreciate the gifts you are given.....whatever beauty, joy, comfort, kindness is given to you in this life, accept it with humility and love.
10. be gentle. show kindness to others and be the one who heals and shares love. be the beautiful person you are.....let others love you and give love to those in your life who you care about.
11. wonder about life.....question, talk, share ideas, look around, listen, understand. life is out and meet it with curiosity and wonder!
12. sleep. we do so many things, but we forget how wonderful it is to just......sleep!!! rest from life, from work and thinking, let yourself be healed from the beauty of sleep!

Happy New Year to everyone. I am hoping it will truely be a wonderful year!!!

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alexandra said...

Thanks for your wishes! I'm proud to be in your links. Love your blog :o))