Saturday, December 17, 2011

quiet grey shadows

their stare seems as if it were a foreign land, rustic coats wearing in dark and cold.
jumping children, light surrounding.....light enveloping, new and different and dangerous, but silly, children playing in spheres of white.
as wild grasses play under the tall, sleepy trees, i remember looking at the green, beautiful leaves and thinking they were perfect. they were happy and giggling.
a princess, playing in a play, pouring shakespeare from a dream.
winter and bears, cotton horses and water rippling with beams and glistenings.
winter and windows and light and memories.
and grey shadows, quiet

by me

pictures from:

mia e goransson
i love black & white blog
happily surprised blog

i hope you are having a beautiful, lovely day. and that you can find a place where it is quiet and pretty. what are you going to do today? sundays are always so entering an empty, lovely room and wondering what to do with it. what do you do on sundays?


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