Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Interviews with Russian filmmaker Yuri Norstein! Incredible!

i have russian ancestry which i am very touched grandmother, my father's mother, was born in russia......carpenan, kishinev russia. she was also jewish and often spoke in yiddish to us, which was wonderful. so whenever i hear someone speaking in russian, there is a part of me that is immediately drawn to that sound, those words......though i do not understand them, they mean something to me. yuri norstein is so amazing.....these are interviews of him, talking about his films, the process he goes through to create the beautifully ethereal and breathtaking layers of his movies and just to hear him speak is phenomenal. he is speaking in russian, but i'm sure you will understand some of what he is saying......

i would love to hear from those who know of yuri norstein and your thoughts about his work. would love to hear from you who are new to his films, as well.

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