Wednesday, December 14, 2011 to make it wonderful again

Christmas is beautiful, it is filled with lovely feelings, glistening wonder and brightness, but sometimes I cannot find those feelings. This year, we don't even have a tree and it is already December 14th. I just feel such an empty feeling about Christmas this year. I wish I could think of something really different to do for Christmas this time.....buying presents seems like a chore. I keep putting off going out to shop, just feeling like it's a bother. I wish I could just use my imagination and conjour up something wild and exciting for Christmas......but I am not that moved to do anything other than just try to think of something.

What do you do to make Christmas happy again? What do you do to find that magic, that feeling like Christmas could fix everything? Please write to me.....if you could share something of your beautiful Christmas, maybe I would find joy again in this season, when whispers and faint singing are somewhere far off waiting to be found.

    I found these lovely photos here:
    ici et maintenant
    lina aastrup
    childhood is buried deep within oneself, not hiding but sunken into a memory, a silent lane under weeping trees, small sparrows watching quietly in a hollow of the forest. childhood is a silly bear, whose eyes are filled with enchantment and endless running. it is the silken, fallen leaves whose language we have all but forgotten, save for the child whose heart is the forest and sea, who understands all languages of the earth and the skies.
    childhood, that waundering life of color and landscape far above the moon's universe. the children in us wait, but live without us......until we turn to see our own smiling faces, the face of our child.

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L said...

Finding magic is hard. The more the outside world puts on its bright colors, the dimmer the internal landscape seems in comparison. I doubt it can bring back the Christmas spirit, but when I was little, a few months before Christmas I would fill a small box with interesting scraps of things, saved candies, pictures, happy tiny treats to save for the long hours before everyone else woke up on Christmas morning. Now, I save special crafts, favorite notes or letters, a bag of tea---little kindnesses for myself. Knowing I have permission to be happy makes me more inclined to do the same for others. If all else fails, just let yourself not feel festive this year. The magic will come back when you least expect it.