Wednesday, December 21, 2011

fairies live in a beautiful place, a beautiful world.....

i may have posted some of these pictures on my blog before, but just wanted to share my little furniture again as i haven't shown photos of my little fairy pieces in quite a while. i've been spending so much time painting lately that i've only made a few pieces of fairy furniture lately. i really miss working on them. need to gather more natural materials, though. i love working with beautiful papers and old fabric, beads, found objects, etc., but i really love working with nature most. i wish we could live on a farm again; i miss having a garden and flowers and little animals. we used to live in washington (about an hour from seattle) and we had a pony, chickens, rabbits, ducks and geese and huge gardens. we loved it so much and miss all of that terribly. i hope sometime in the future we can get back to living in the country where it is quieter, beautiful and inspiring.

i hope your christmas is truely blessed and lovely. it is definitely a magical, special time in the world.

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