Tuesday, January 03, 2012

children make people happy

from the book by Mary Randolf Carter....."An Unkept House....."


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hi everyone......it's such a beautiful day here. we've had such odd, warm weather. they say that it's the dryest month ever in utah. we just got back from washington (state). it was so beautiful and GREEN!!!! i miss it already. we love utah but terribly miss washington and oregon. we went to see my mom who lives on the coast in an old house (100 years old). it's very rustic, like an old lodge. she has always collected antiques ever since i can remember and her house is filled with so many beautiful things. we had a wonderful time.

i posted these pictures because i love children and i thought the new year should have pictures of children to start this new time off with a smile, a grin, a giggle and a silly laugh. hope you have a fun year and a fun day!

would love to hear from you!

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